Friday, October 31, 2008

"Are we talking over the shirt? Frontsies? Backsies? Would I have to...give her my gift?"

One of the most hilarious lines from 30 Rock season premiere last night. Especially since it followed:

"She touched me Lemon...she touched me in my swimsuit area."


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Keeping My Eye On You...

I guess a commentary is in order. For whatever reason, Moo the cat has decided that she absolutely loves my closet. Forget the fact that she's been living here for two years and never took a liking to the inside of my closet, suddenly, it's her favorite new place, which would be fine with me, if the thought of cat pee all over my work clothes didn't strike fear into my heart.

She is shifting her rump as I type this. Mocking me.

I'm sure she won't pee or poop or drool -or whatever cats do- in there, but it's been a huge irrational fear. Of which I have many. One being the state of my closet. Thank goodness I organized it the other day because it was a right state. Come to think of it, there wouldn't have been room in there for her earlier, as I had developed the habit of simply shoving my clean clothes into the shelves instead of folding and organizing my function like I did that particular day. Contrary to popular belief, I am a pretty organized person, doncha know.

So, thought this worth sharing, because even though this is totally just a cat being a cat, any behavior from Moo that anyone would consider "normal feline" is a big milestone.

I picked the weirdest of the bunch.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

24 Going On 80

Seriously, today I was telling my friend what I was doing tonight and as I was typing, I stopped dead in my tracks. I was telling her how I had my chamomile tea, my knitting, and was going to watch my shows. I fully embrace the fact that I have quirky activities, but sometimes, I go a little too far when I group them altogether.

Knitting, huge thermal cup of tea, vase full of yarn scraps,
and the telly

At least I'm getting alot of things done at once, and I'm getting closer to finishing this huge table runner project.

Monday, September 29, 2008


I've been working on multiple projects over the past few months since I started knitting. I've so far finished three scarves, and right now I'm working on a table runner, and when I've needed a break from that huge project, I started and finished two small bags.

The first bag project, the yarn is a super soft gift from a friend. The two textures were completely accidental, but turned out great. All that's left is to find some nice green buttons to cover the connections where the handle is sewn to the bag.

Second bag project, color changes and multi-colored handle. Still have alot of finishing to do.

And of course there's always cooking adventures. I had some left over brie that I had marinated in lemon rind and olive oil, and I had eaten some great brie pastries before, so I decided to try it for myself. Here we have the brie mixture, home made pastry dough, and strawberry jam. Delicious, but needs more sugar.

Bubbly delicious goodness.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I have new respect for Richard Simmons (and of course the improv crew of WLIIA), especially after the new Yoplait ad, which of course I can't find right now...

Knit Knit Adventures

So I finished knitting my first scarf a while ago, but hadn't gotten around to dampening and blocking it yet, so I finally buckled and did it today:

A dampened and blocked scarf

The most hilarious part is that I did the dark half first, which actually has LESS holes than the light part, which I did second. I'm blaming the yarn and am planning to fill the holes with metal beads. Thank goodness for "homemade flair". So the whole dampening thing is something I've slowly been researching, which requires dampening the piece and then "reshaping" with or without pins to make the piece be the shape you want it to be.

Attempt #2

Above is my second attempt at a scarf, it's going alot better, I haven't spotted any holes yet, and I've been sort-of paying attention to the stitch count, so it's not suddenly ballooning from 12 stitches per line to 40, like it did my first try at knitting. All in all, a pretty positive experience so far, and I have yet to throw in the needles, although I'm considering not knitting on the bus today after I was accosted by -what I suspect was- a paranoid schizophrenic who jabbed me in the back and told me that I had to put my knitting away since the metal of my needles was reflecting the light, causing some radio frequency dissapation (or something of the like) that would result in a riot.


I was upset at being so violently jabbed in the back, because for a second I thought she had actually punched me in the back, but tried to get over it as fast as possible. Ugh, sometimes I hate living in a big city.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Finally Off The Deep End...

I've become a knitter. Or at least, I hope to become a knitter. I suppose that one week molesting yarn does not a knitter make. I've really come to enjoy knitting, even though it's repetitive, makes my right hand and arm and my back hurt, I still enjoy hearing the gentle clickity clack of the needles, I love gazing at all the gaping holes and tangles of my mistakes, and chuckling when I catch myself berating my ball of yarn for being such a tangled mess...

Mini yarn ball on top of the soon-to-be scarf

It's nice to be creating something that I'm not going to end up thoughtlessly ingesting. And the great thing is that knitting is a solid conversation starter, not only with strangers, but with people I already know. Everyone I know either knits or knows something that knits, and even though -yes I'll admit- I took my knitting to a dinner party the other night in an effort to speed along my scarf, and also because I needed some entertainment for the trip over, it really turned out to be a great thing, I learned alot of new things about friends, as well as became the object of some friendly ribbing, and have been deemed the "old lady" with my knitting, shawl and glasses at the end of my nose (temporarily pushed there, mind you).

Now that graduate school is over, and my only academic goal is to find a job, it's nice to have some creative outlet, something I've been yearning for the past few years. Cooking does it, but it always felt like such a waste when my labors turned out to be inedible.

At least with knitting, I can chalk up something ugly and misshapen to beginner's technique, label it and stow it away for future laughs...

Click on the picture to jump onto flickr for more snaps of what I've been working on...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's Mostly Brain Power...

The brain power I'm referring to is what is needed for me to do multiple posts within a short amount of time. Honestly the last few months have been pretty good -relatively speaking- nice friends, good teachers, it was just alot of work for one super-short semester. But I survived, with on the only casualties being this blog, which I completely neglected. As well as non-school friendships. Oh well, I've started back up and hopefully things will grow all over again.

There is another "brain power" thing I wanted to talk about, and that is this game I just started playing called "Shift", a puzzle and skill game, which I've found fascinating only because it requires speed as well as problem solving, and it's completely spatial, which appeals to my visual brain. I'll even go as far as to say I like this better than Portal. It's slightly less creepy too, another plus.

Start getting addicted with Shift, Shift 2 or Shift 3.

No screen shots, you can just go explore for yourself. Boo hahahaha.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

When You're Feeling Sad And Lonely...

No I'm not going to start singing Astrud Gilberto, but I was feeling a little down, and I found the perfect free and fast remedy.

Of course, it's Huey Lewis and the News.

Honestly, from the hilarious premise of six men singing to a sleeping (and I'm assuming naked) woman, to Huey's jerky movement singing into the camera, to fact that he's got a nice color of blush on his cheeks, you'll find something about this supreme 80's hit that will cheer you up.

Monday, August 11, 2008

So Good...

It's been a while since I've posted something that I read on an online comic, but this one actually made me laugh so hard, a piece of chocolate I was eating went flying. That made a little sad as the chocolate was a really good one, part of a very thoughtful present.

I don't even play Gears of War, I've watched W play it once in a while, but it's still funny, as long as you have some war/shooting/angry video game as reference:

Friday, August 01, 2008

This Is Getting Ridiculous

So, after much testing, I've come to realize that Pandora Radio slows my computer down too much for me to play it while I'm working at school. I usually have AutoCAD, Photoshop and 3DSMax open at the same time, so I'm sure you can understand why the computer practically keels over everytime I try to change windows.

So instead of Pandora, I've taken to listening to the only radio station that works without downloading some weird program, and plays songs that I either like or are entertained by. Granted, sometimes I actually have to take the earphones off because the song is simply too corny to listen to, i.e. "I just died in your arms tonight..."

But the "this" that I'm referring to in my blog title is how enamored I am with some of the songs I hear on this radio station. Of course if I bring up how much I like certain songs, I either get the cock-head "baroo?" expression of those who have as much knowledge about 60's, 70's and 80's hits as I did pre-semester. OR I get the totally bewildered "Why are you listening to that crap"-look. The main ones that I've been singing constantly are...

Hey Jude by The Beatles c. 1968
(which totally brings tears to my eyes when everyone chimes in)

If This Is It by Huey Lewis & The News c. 1984

Fooled Around And Fell In Love by Elvin Bishop c. 1976

Baby Come Back by Player c. 1977

Monday, July 28, 2008


When it comes to my thesis, I've been feeling very 'Sideshow Bob vs. Rakes' lately.

There's just so much to do, and so little time, and all I want right now is to curl into bed and sleep, if only I could fall asleep when I actually got into bed. I end up just laying there more frustrated than ever.

The final light at the end of the tunnel is next Monday. Eek.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Short. Sweet. To the point.

That's all I've got time for today.

This is the state of my affairs right now: I wake up every morning at 7, get ready and go to school. I then stay at school until 10 at night. It's been a productive week from a school standpoint, but fuck all if I've actually eaten a proper meal or had any time when I'm NOT thinking about school.

So I've decided to boost the failing U.S. economy in my own way, by continuing to make purchases. At the Gap. Because it's the only store in a three-block radius that DOESN'T sell touristy San Francisco-garb. And no, I don't overly think about whether I need the item or not. Never mind the fact that it's the only way I seem to be able to avoid the constant stress I'm under. Bigger picture here people, bigger picture. Economy!

Honestly I feel like I have no time. It's a Saturday and I got up at 7 a.m. to do some laundry because this is the first opportunity I've HAD to do laundry since I got back to the states two weeks ago. And it's the only reason why I'm still home. If I wasn't doing laundry, I'd be in front of a different computer right now at school, working on Max.

But time is ticking...and I've got a laundry list (no pun intended, really) of things to do.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another Day, Another Pictureless Post

Okay, I figure the best way to eat up time to type some nonsensicle crap on my blog, hope you read it and respond. Oh man, I'm so tired I can even think of how to properly spell nonsensicle, I don't think this is right spelling, but I'm too lazy to click-click and look it up, but it looks suspiciously too much like popsicle which I assume it's not supposed to.

So why am I so tired you ask (I hope)? I am in Taiwan waitin for my flight, which I think is supposed to start boarding soon, but I always over estimate and arrive there early and then just end up sitting around waiting, which I hate. It's 10:53 and apparently past my bedtime. Taiwan is only one hour ahead of Bangkok, so really it's 9:53 and I could honestly fall asleep at this table right now.

Right. Now.

Okay I really need to get on this plane so I can fall asleep already, that's all I want right now, not food, not water, just some serious sleep. Do not wake me up for your damn in flight meal, I just want some stupid sleep.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Another Day...

Sorry folks, no pictures this time - and I use the term "folks" pretty darned loosely, I figure there's probably one, maybe even two regular readers at this point, possibly due to my lack of posting, or interesting subjects, but also possibly due to the fact that no one has time. Much like myself.

I honestly haven't taken many photos after the family excursion to Saraburi, I've been filling time with other things, mostly catching up on the sleep that I missed out on this past semester, watching episode after episode of 30 Rock (which I highly recommend everyone to do the same), and FINALLY, after almost 24 years on this earth, learning how to open a Mongkut fruit without completely mashing the whole thing to bits.

No shopping to be done, nothing that I really need to do except my school work which I have successfully perfected in procrastinating. But I'm slowly guilting myself into doing some work here and there, so it's getting done, just...slowly.

Will post pictures of my excursions, if I happen to go on any!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

More Pictures!

Tiny monkey at shrine in Lopburi

Tons of pictures of Thailand uploaded today!

Usual drill, human pictures on facebook, non-human on flickr.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ahhhh Taipei...

I was almost cursing myself, because when I opened up the blogger page and saw everything was in Mandarin, I had flash backs to way back when EVERYTHING on blogger was coded in Mandering so I didn't know what button I was pressing. But thankfully, the buttons are in the English, so never fear! This shall be published today!

Still no photos to shut you visual people up about my essays, sorry, they will come once I hit Thailand.

I've been here in the Taipei airport for about half and hour and I've already scarfed down a bowl of chicken & corn congee topped with shredded dry pork, a bowl of stir fried noodles and a taro bun.

Apparently I was hungry.

I got on the plane a little after 1 a.m. put my bag into overhead (I cringed when I found out my awesome bag was too big to fit under the seat in front of me), sat down, and PASSED OUT. I didn't wake up fully until 8 hours later. I vaguely remember the take off, too noisey, so I went back to sleep. I missed dinner, and there weren't any movies to watch, so I did the whole, "excuse me while I squeeze past you to get my laptop out of the overhead bin, and then squeeze back past you, all the while trying not to drop my heavy laptop on the sleeping person in front of you" thing. I want my luxuries of technology, but I also cherish my window seat.

Anyway, worked on the computer, did the whole thing again while putting back the laptop, stayed up long enough to watch 'I'm Not There', something of a Bob Dylan biopic, but because it was split up into so many characters, and I didn't have any knowledge of Bob Dylan to help me along, I was thoroughly confused.

Onto more eating.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Traveling Once Again!

You know I was SO CLOSE to packing my camera in my carry on. But my bag was bulging as it was with my laptop, charger, mouse, notes, book, toiletries, cookies, external hard drive (if I [perish the thought] lost that item with checked baggage, I would lose my brain] and travel items that right before I left my apartment I trimmed off the fat (i.e. my camera, iPod, etc.)

The kicker is that I got a new(er) laptop the other day, and it has an SD slot in the side. So I could have snapped a photo, taken the memory card out, stuck it the computer and had the picture uploaded to blogger for you to look at.

Now that I've typed that out, I realise that it's probably a good thing that I don't have my camera because my blogger and flickr would both have pictures of my empty noodle cup, my empty green tea cup, a tiny bottle of water and cellophane wrapper. I wouldn't want to invade the privacy of fellow lounge-goers by snapping their picture just for your entertainment.

Anyway, I'm off to Thailand for a month to hang out with the whole fam, work on my thesis and have fun in Thailand during the rainy season (my favorite season!)

I will post again once I hit down in Taipei.
'Til then!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Totally. Utterly. Random.

It's 11:31 a.m. on a Tuesday, I have a final presentation tonight, but I really want to write a post about my choice of favorite movies. Call it procrastination. Call it laziness. I call it cathartic - come one, compare writing to moving around lines in CAD - or now, the upgrade to moving around polygons in Viz.

Onto the descriptions, in whatever order I put them in on my facebook page...

This movie was made in 1979 and I honestly can't tell you why I love it so much because 1. I never went to summer camp, so it's not like there the nostalgic factor; 2. I wasn't born, raised, anywhere near the 70's, so I really can't look back on that era and sigh with memories; 3. There's nothing particularly amazing about the movie itself.

I guess it's the combination of dreamy music, strange characters, and the fact that I ended watching this multiple times on HBO Asia during high school and now it's just a go-to movie that's relaxing and not "deep" or "though provoking", I can just watch it while I'm working or when I'm having a particularly stressful day (which happens alot nowadays) and it's just all good in the neighborhood.

The Love Letter
Oh this is another movie I watched many times over during high school, just because it was on. but also, I'm so in love with the stupid location of the movie. This deceptively small seaside town, with lots of nature, a summer rush and a community that knows each other is a sort-of dream I have for my future, and these people have it. The main character runs a bookstore, has a complicated life and a strange attitude. All the supporting characters pitch in, some famous, some not, and all of them do the movie good. This is another movie that I can just have playing the background because I've watched it enough to know what's happening without being in the same room. I liked the music so much I bought the soundtrack.

You've Got Mail
This is the third and last movie in the series of I-can-watch-it-forever-without-a-care series, I fell in love with this movie during high school and of course, the damn scenery and soundtrack play a large role in that. One of the main characters owns a bookstore (I didn't realize this theme until this very moment) and it's the whole tiny mom and pop vs. the big superstore deal, but there's love, misery, happiness, and cuteness, and I likey. So suck it.

Hot Fuzz
I have to laugh when I think of this movie, because it's funny, suspenseful and British. The dry humour speaks to me, makes me happy, but I can't watch this movie to many times, the suspense lingers and makes me feel uneasy. But you should watch it if you haven't.

Death at a Funeral
Another British dark comedy, I initially watched it because Alan Tudyk is in it, he was hilarious in '28 Days' so I had to watch him again. It turned out that everyone in the movie was hilarious is that horribly awkward dry humour way. It makes you cringe so much your face starts to ache but it's absolutely hilarious, so much that when I watched it on the plane, the person sitting next to me made a comment about how funny it must have been since I was awkwardly doubling over in my limited space. A must see for sarcasm lovers.

Oh the bittersweetness of it all. I've watched this movie three times and I could watch it again, even though it's so incredibly heart breaking. And being the person I am, when I watched it for the first time I had to find out all the trivia behind it, and once I did, for the first time, I regretted it. The director was murdered in real life, and she's in the movie, as is her two year old daughter, so the movie has an air of sadness tied to it. But it's still a great movie to watch, well done and Nathan Fillion does such an amazing job in his whole awkwardness. Of course Keri Russell did a great job in developing a character that cheats, lies, hides but in such a way that you feel it's completely within her right to do it.

Iron Man
The newest addition to my list, this movie was so kick ass, funny, and I absolutely adore RDJr.'s interaction with his robots. You must see this movie, it's gotten great reviews for a reason.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Too Funny

My new hobby: Reading lolcats.

Friday, May 09, 2008


I have seriously been embroiled in some battling since January. And finally, last week, I won.

Let me (of course) start from the beginning.

This past January I started noticing that I wasn't receiving all of my calls. In fact, I wasn't receiving some of my calls, the voice mails those calls would have, or text messages people sent me. Not good for business. So I called to inquire.

This was basically the pattern:
-The problem would occur
-I would call the phone company
-They would assure me the would try to find a remedy
-I would believe them

And so the cycle kept going on and on until finally in the beginning of April I called and wanted some answers. They told me they were sending me a new phone. What they actually did was sign me up for a NEW two year contract. At that point I had been having problems for three months, who in their right mind would sign up for two more years of shit? One of the reasons I was being so co-operative was because I knew my contract as up in August, so I figured I would keep using their service until then, and then move on.

But nope, they signed me up, DIDN'T TELL ME, so that when I called next week, I found out, was totally shocked, started crying on the phone and was pretty darned near hysterical. Not good times.

I was at the end of my rope, I had no idea what to do, they were basically calling me a liar, I was trying to figure out who to talk to, how to talk to them, how to resolve the whole issue. I almost totally gave up, and was resigned to paying $200+ to get out of this ridiculous contract when I started Googling information about contracts.

The best information I got was to file complaints with the Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission. Which I did. The BBB contacted the company, who in turn contacted me and gave me the option of continuing to troubleshoot the problem or send back the new phone they sent me and have the cancellation fee waived. Only an absolutely insane person would have picked anything but the latter.

So finally I am free, receiving all my calls and happily with another carrier.

Oh yeah, and a MONTH after they signed me up for that b.s. two year contract, I received a letter stating that the action had been done. Complete and utter fuck up. What a waste of almost three years of loyal patronage.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cooking Adventures

I am the queen of procrastination. But I guess I needed a day off, so me not working at all today is okay. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

So I made two things today. Veggie lasagna, and vegetable soup (pictured above).

The lasagna turned out good, though I now know to use the best quality mozzarella I can find for optimum melting and browning. I ended up using eggplant and zucchini and totally forgot the mushrooms I was going to put in. Oh well.

The soup was more of an adventure in that I totally had no idea what I was doing. It started with me having some extra eggplant and zucchini from the lasagna and so I chopped them up and was just going to make a stir fry when I remembered that I had carrots so I chopped up three of those too and threw them into the frying pan. Then I thought to myself, when I am going to eat a dish with chunks of carrot and actually enjoy it? (My aversion to plain carrot chunks is much like my aversion to plain tomato chunks, only in very particular situations.)

So then I got some boiling water, poured in the contents of the frying pan into the saucepan, threw in some salt and pepper and then let it boil for aaages. Then after they got all soft I started thinking about how I probably wouldn't eat soup with chunks THAT big, so I poured the whole kit n' caboodle into a blender and ran it through. Out came a nice tasting soup, but without enough body, so I remembered I had some potatoes. Which I chopped, boiled 'em until tender and threw them into the blender too.

I was left with a yummy, full bodied and textural treat. Which is what you see above, with the addition of home made croƻtons, i.e. bread cut up, drizzled with olive oil and sent into the toaster oven for a few minutes.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Time is Ticking

Sometimes I honestly feel like I am wasting my time, and missing out on what has potential to be a truly wonderful and magical life.

All the pieces are there, it's just, the process of getting to where I want to be is paved with jagged stones that is my education, which pierce the linen slip-ons that I chose to wear on this journey. It's troubled times like this that I realize I am not as aware, prepared, resilient and flexible that I would like to believe I am.

The worst part is that even on a beautiful day, sunny with a calm breeze, even with delicious food cooking somewhere, even with the waters reflecting the bright sunlight and beckoning to me, I still have to sit in front of this fucking computer and do my shitty, brainless work.

There is simply no time for procrastination.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Now that I'm spending so much time at school, I have found new ways for quick stress-relief. One of them is looking at the biggest lolcat website "I Can Has Cheeze Burger" and basically looking at some of them totally cracks me up and lets me forget for one second that I have 142 things on my to-do list.

A sampling:

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Linkage: San Francisco in Three Days

I'm starting what I'm calling a "Linkage" series for posts that is predominately links with some explanation on the side...enjoy the first one:

I guess in the last year and half I haven't had any visitors so I haven't had to give anyone a tour of San Francisco. How that I've typed that out I realize how sad it might sound, but honestly, I don't have a ton of friends that want or need to visit San Francisco, it simply doesn't happen no matter where I am. At least that's what I keep telling myself to ward off the psychotic depression that might result from the realization that I have no friends.

Anyway, Khamph came to visit and we did -sort of- a crash course in San Francisco. Wednesday she arrived, I picked her up via BART and took her home, dropped stuff off and carted her off to Union Square to check in for her conference. Stopped for a quick bite to eat at Bangkok Noodles for some fast and delicious Thai, which we both thoroughly enjoyed, then off to work for me (via school, which is a whole 'nother story I shant get into now.) After work, met her at Union Square and ran over to Katana-Ya for some delicious ramen and then made our way home. So end of the Thursday and Khamph has seen a tiny section of the Mission and Union Square. Keep count.

Next day, escorted her to the conference, and then off to work. Knocked off at six and made my way home, hung out then got CCS off to Eight Immortals to dine with my school friends, which was rip roaring fun, delicious spare ribs which I ate too much of. Move down the street to Marco Polo Italian Ice Cream for some gelato which was pretty damn good to cap off the night. Now Khamph has seen tiny part of the Mission, Union Square, part of Castro on the way to inner Sunset and Haight (since I got lost and drove down it to get home).

Next day I didn't have anything work/school planned, so we got CCS yet again and drove over to Clement street in the Richmond district to get our Wing Lee Bakery on. Yummy rice porridge and spring rolls in my belly. Walk down the street to Kamei to get some tupperware and (FINALLY) a French press. We still had some time left with the car so drove down to the Legion of Honor to get some pictures with the Golden Gate Bridge, the building and The Thinker by Rodin. Make our way home, chill out for a spell while she went with another friend to Chinatown and Fisherman's Wharf. Once she gets back we make our way over to Yamo for some tea salad and curried delights, capped off with some halo halo and grasshopper pie at Mitchell's Ice Cream. So now she has seen tiny part of the Mission, Union Square, part of Castro, inner Sunset, Haight, Richmond district, Presidio, Chinatown, Fisherman's Wharf and some more of the Mission.

Next morning, bussed it over to the Ferry Building for the farmer's market, walked around, had some Pancho Villa, bought a few flowers and bussed it back to the house, packed up dropped her off at the airport. And now she has seen tiny part of the Mission, Union Square, part of Castro, inner Sunset, Haight, Richmond district, Presidio, Chinatown, Fisherman's Wharf and some more of the Mission, a little SOMA on the way to the Ferry Building, Embarcadero and the drive down to the airport.

And even though that was the end of her exploring, I still had more to do.

Went to donate unused clothing at the Community Thrift Store, followed by some cake-buying at Dianda's, followed by some pie-buying at Mission Pie. Rounded off the day by bringing it all home, eating the pie and now blogging, and soon to be working...

And THAT was San Francisco in three days people. It may not have been back to back insanity, but it was enough touring to keep me going for a while.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sometimes I just stop and think about how nice it would be to open a bakery or coffee shop with a few friends and bake all day for a living.

Of course it's not as magical as I see it in my head, but it sure is nice to think about the wonderful aromas that would float in the air everyday, meeting new people, seeing some familiar faces, and have a relatively serene time in the kitchen mixing ingredients, rolling them out, kneading them and popping sheet pans of dough into the ovens.

Right now I'm obviously longing to bake something, but I neither have the time nor the resources at the moment, as I'm waiting for April to roll around so I can use my coupon and go to raid my neighborhood organic grocer's for flour, sugar and all the regular culprits in my baking adventures. Sometimes I think about other magical things, like living in some tiny beach town where everyone knows each other and they have tourism only once a year in the summer, and during the rest of the year everyone just hangs out until the next season. I guess what I'm imagining more than anything is a sense of peace and serenity in my life where I'm in control of it and capable of everything that comes my way. Which is obviously what I feel is my greatest flaw, and although I have hope of achieving that sense of balance, it doesn't feel like I'm within reach.

I suppose it doesn't help that my last cooking endeavors have turned out very unappealingly.

You can only have so many off days before it becomes worrying.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Oh the forlorn malady of being deathly ill with a head cold. How will I ever survive such trauma?

I don't care if that last sentence didn't make sense, I'm sick dammit!!

Honestly, I'm such a mess of a miserable cow when I'm sick, I complain constantly, never smile, and basically wallow in how achy, snotty, hurty (fuck you, I don't care if it's not a word) and junky I feel. And I randomly say how I'm going to die.

Yup, I feel pretty sorry for anyone that has to converse with me when I'm sick. Luckily, I usually only get this kind of cold twice a year *knock on wood* because of the changing of the seasons from hot to cold and cold to hot. Right now we're experiencing the latter and I'm not happy about it.

But at least I get to stay at home today because I would probably spread it to anyone I sat near for extended amounts of time, which will give me some time to relax and get better. I'm laying here in bed in a sea of kleenex and Moo is quietly napping next to me. It looks like it's going to be a good day *knock on wood*.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Eventful Much...?

So yesterday was a pretty eventful day, a few friends and I had decided a while ago to drive down to the Monterey Bay Aquarium to go take a look around, as it's less than three hours away and we're on Spring Break (supposedly).

And that is where I rediscovered my love of watching jellyfish.
Really, it's so relaxing, how you could not love watching jellyfish? I realize they sting and they're awful and they can kill you without really wanting too, but still, they're so beautiful, especially when they're lit right.

So I've got almost 60 photos from Monterey, and describing the experience would never do it justice, so click here to go take a look at the photos, which I've conveniently put in a separate set for you.

In other news, it was a little before two p.m. when we were in the gift shop, I was looking for a material item to remind me of this trip when there a huge crashing noise and the building shook. For whatever reason my first thought was "Fuck, an enclosure's broken and now we're going to get eaten by a runaway octopus." When in fact it was an empty tour bus that ran into the aquarium. Luckily it hit a column otherwise it would have gone straight through the wall and into a crowd of people including my friends and I.

To say I was freaked out for the remainder of the day is an understatement. Luckily no one got hurt. Since it only happened yesterday, not a lot of details have been released but here's an article from The Herald of Monterey County. We took that as our cue to leave the aquarium and go get lunch. We ate, snapped more photos (some of which are on facebook) and headed back to the bay area.

Enough eventfulness for me to last a while...

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

3D Viz Magic

I'm just learning 3D Viz, kind of for the second time (I took a 3D Studio Max class a few years ago, but quite a bit of advancement has been made and I didn't learn the program very deeply) and I'm just playing around with it for different projects, thought I'd show you some quick mock ups, and the wonderfulness that is Global Illumination in V-Ray.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Have You Ever...

...had a movie experience?

Today, I had me one.

I was walking the five blocks to work, strolling along very happily and humming a tune to myself when the world basically stopped in it's tracks, all music, happiness and sounds left me.

On the sidewalk were four dead pigeons.

One with it's head cracked open and a pool of bright red blood around it's head.

I knew because I had to walk through the massacre to get to where I was going, and my brain was literally repeating "does not compute" to itself as I forced myself to take steps.

Then I crossed the street, walked ten steps and came across two more dead pigeons.

This whole incident wouldn't have been so bad had it not been for the fact that I saw a dead pigeon yesterday in the same vicinity.

Of course the first thing that popped into my mind was "bird flu", so I rushed to work, trying not to breathe (because for some reason I thought bird flu worked like anthrax and could be spread bird-to-human by air) and looked up the Center for Disease Control in San Francisco.

I left a message and starting contemplating when I realised that I had noticed the smell of burning rubber/tires in the air in that area in the past, and it was probably noxious fumes from that building that caused the high pigeon mortality rate. The most disturbing part was the one with it's head split open. I don't think I'll ever be able to get that image out of my head.

Today I walked a special route as to avoid the site of death, though I could see it from across the street and saw no small bodies, so I assume it was cleaned up. Hopefully I will not see remains of the puddle of blood, otherwise I might lose it on the way to work.

I still shudder when I think about it.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Is The Image Still Overflowing?


Is it? Is it? Is it?

I finally broke down and did it, can't believe how long I've been avoiding it...

Now I can move on...

Monday, February 04, 2008

I have the worst luck with shoes.

Honestly, I think out of the last six pair of shoes I've bought, two I can't wear because they destroyed my feet, one I wear so regularly that they're falling apart, one I can't wear because they just slightly too long for my feet, and therefore give me blisters, and the last two I just bought today and yesterday, so the results remain to be seen.

I'm not sure if it's because I have weird feet or if it's because I just can't pick the right kind of shoe for my wide feet. The experience that I had last Wednesday was pretty horrendous with bad results on many different levels.

I had a job interview, and decided to wear my new "sensible work" shoes, which would have been find except for the fact that I decided to walk the eight blocks to the office I was going to. By the time I got to the interview, my feet were a little sore, but nothing to freak about. Unfortunately, by the time I got home, my pinky toes were unhappy, my heels were raw, and the last knuckle on my foot were bright red.

Unfortunately I had another interview the next day, and needed to wear the same shoes, since I have no alternative.

So my solution? Walk again, wear sneakers to the interview and somehow change my shoes before I get to the office. Which would have been just fine, had it not been for the fact that the bathrooms have locks on them, and there are no private spots to sit and change my shoes. So I ended up doing it in a stairwell, hiding and with lightning-fast speed.

It's been four days since the last foray with the shoes, and my feetsies are still tender, which might be a good thing, since it made my recent purchase smarter, because my "tender points" were especially sensitive and so any shoes that would mess with those points were thrown to the side.

Enough shoe/feet talk. I'm going to bed.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Flickr Update

I've added quite a few photos to my flickr recently, oddly enough, not the one above, but one very similar to here to go there and take a looksie...

Friday, January 25, 2008


What a great, fabulous, cute movie that makes me want to curl up in a ball under my covers and contemplate life.

Honestly, I haven't given props to too many movies lately because none have struck me that much, especially not as much as Juno has. How can one movie make me fall in love with so many people, so many times over? Words do it no justice, just go watch the damn movie.

In other news, I got so incredibly soaked today that I had to buy a pair of socks halfway through my foray into the outdoors to replace the super soaked ones I was wearing. It just didn't stop, and I found out -too late- that my umbrella had holes in it. So even though I was carrying this stupid umbrella, I had minimal protection. So I spent some time looking for a new umbrella, which I found was not an easy task. I suppose I only looked in three different stores, but still, Nordstrom, Brookstone and Eddie Bauer did not have what I wanted and I was not happy.

The search continues....

Friday, January 18, 2008

Travel: Accomplished

Enough planes for me already.

I've been on six planes in the last month, which is nothing to most people, but more than enough for me. And even though I told my parents I was going to go visit Canada to check out the design scene, who knows if that notion will actually take hold.

But I have a question to pose to you.

"Do the picture at the top of my blog fit the border, or does it overflow?"

Because on the computer when I first did that picture, it totally looked great in the border, fit just fine, and now I'm on my laptop and it's overflowing. I assume it's because the computer I first did it on was a widescreen one. But who knows.

And I just realised that I didn't copy a few files that I was supposed to onto my flash drive. Darn it. And I wanted to get all the fonts from my parents computer, since they have way more than my crappy defaults. Darn it! And I'm sure there's some other computer-related thing that I totally forgot about, that will surface in a few days and I will be kicking myself for forgetting. (Say it with me.)

Darn it!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

En Route...

I'm feeling quite lucky right now (knock on wood, oop, first must find some wood upon which to knock) because the buttons on this blogger are in English. Sad that something so small can have such a positive effect on my mood, but 'tis reality.

Just got off the flight from BKK to TPE and it was a good flight, slept for the first hour, then woke up, watched Travel Time in San Francisco (or something like that) where two people must accomplish eight cryptic tasks within 12 hours. Pretty crazy because I couldn't figure out most of what they had to do, since the clues were so damn cryptic and I obviously know nothing about the city I currently live in. What cracked me up the most was that the continuity of the their travels didn't really make sense...they'd be in the Castro, and then suddenly when they get their next clue, be standing in Union Square and luckily could take the cable car at Powell and Market (which somehow was incredibly empty, which I have never seen) up to Chinatown.

Anyway, after that, tried sitting through some of the Heartbreak Kid (for whatever sadistic reason) and really couldn't, so switched over to Zuma (I love the regional flights, it's pretty much the Singapore Airlines system, pause, play, games, all the lot), found I was pretty damn bad at Zuma with the weird handheld, and so decided to watch Across the Universe. Which is a movie I've been wanting to watch since first seeing the ad, but never got around to it. Was kind of conveluted (sp?) in the beginning, but then I got into the mood of a tiny bit of (if any) dialogue then singing, and then we started our descent, with probably minutes off the end, so they turned off the entertainment system.


Monday, January 14, 2008

Here's Comes That Rainy Day...

Whew, I guess I just got home in time, it's pouring outside, about 10 minutes after I trundled home.

Well this visit to Bangkok has been very nice, a roller coaster of excitement, happiness, stress and reunions. I've gotten to see alot of faces from my childhood, many people that I hadn't seen for over ten years came for my sister's reception. The most memorable was my godparents, who -as always- were warm and happy to see me. Other people I've met I hadn't seen for maybe six or seven years, that was pretty crazy too. It really makes me think how much people change over the years, and how much they don't. It seems like alot of personalities are pretty similar, but the looks change quite a bit, which concerns me mostly because I don't think my outside has changed so much, I still look like I did in high school.

Except with different glasses.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Year, New Colours

What a difference a little cream makes right?

I figured it was time for an overhaul, and I was getting tired of seeing the bulbs, so now we've got this flower...what the actual flower is, I haven't the foggiest. The overhaul itself is not yet complete, I've still got some tinkering to do with font colors, but this is the new look for now...

Enjoy, and a belated happy new year to you all.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Oh My Motherload...

So...I had a little bout of insomnia today (probably due to the fact I had a huge ice coffee...followed shortly by a super sugary coconut juice, which was followed by an iced green tea...), and started looking through some old photo albums I found.

And boy was I glad I did.

In case you haven't been on facebook, or aren't on facebook, or I haven't added you, or some other circumstance has happened in the two weeks: I uploaded some photos from ancient Patana...Kindergarten & P4 to be exact. And now I've found some from high school. More specifically Y7-10. And some of graduation.

Unfortunately I no longer am in possession of a scanner. Which is probably a good thing becuase I would spend all night scanning, tagging and laughing at said photos. Which is what I will be doing when my parents' scanner decides to return. Until then I suppose I will simply have to peruse through them myself and have some serious giggles.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Acupuncture a.k.a. FRIK That Needle Hurts

Yes, yes, I have heard that "when done properly, acupuncture is NOT supposed to hurt." But like my doctor told me, acupuncture is much like trying to stick a pin through cloth and not touching a thread. Damn near impossible right? Either way, I was in pain. But mostly becuase I'm pretty scared of pain and the anticipation of it was really bothering me. And caused me to break out in sweats. Not really conducive to the application of iodine, since water tends to wash away the stuff really bad, which my doctor was using as markers for where he was to apply his sadistic torture pins. So I keep telling myself it's for the greater good.

Somehow I still don't find that comforting.

The pin
For your viewing pleasure
(You sadistic bastard)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I've played Portal a total of three times and everytime I get freaked out because of the sheer awesomeness of the game...and the fact that the bots are really creepy. Actually the whole game is pretty creepy. But when I saw this comic, I knew I had to post it, enjoy.