Friday, June 29, 2007

You Know...

...I usually don't have a problem with people that are different than me, but I did have a problem with someone I saw today. A man, wearing a dress. Now it's not the dress I have a problem with, no no no. And it's not even the fact that he was a cross-dresser. The problem was that he almost wasn't even a deliberate cross-dresser. I'm all for men who feel more comfortable in women's clothing or as a woman temporarily or even permanently, but at least go all the way with it. I mean, if you're going to go through the trouble of finding yourself a dress that actually fits you in the right places, growing your hair out and wearing matching clothes, you may as well all over look the part, right? Or even shave? I guess I just haven't been exposed to bearded dress-wearing men enough. Which brings me to another point.

Is it weird for me to like watching documentaries about gay, bisexual, transexual, hermaphrodite or even cross-dressing people? It's not like it fascinates me and I'm always watching those programs. But if one comes on, I'll watch it, and I enjoy learning about different scientific research that people around the world are doing to find out if a person is who they are by how they're nurtured or by nature. For example, this whole Dr. Money and his nurture vs. nature deal when it comes to babies being born with both or disfigured genitals. His whole deal was that if you treat a biological boy as a girl (and he has girl parts), that person will grow up as a girl. But the whole documentary was contrary to that, and they interviewed families that were treated by Dr. Money and showed one end result that I remember in particular. The person always knew something was "wrong", he was born a boy, bad things happened in surgery and so he was "turned into" a girl. But he always wanted to do boy things, and hated his twin brother, and invariably, later in life, decided to become a man. And then there was this other program I watched that was investigating transexuals to see if they wanted to change sex because of their life or it was just who they were. In Germany they were slicing up a transexual's brain to compare that brain to a woman's and a man's. They found that a certain section of the brain more resembled a woman's than a man's, so it's nature right? Predestined? Well, they weren't sure because it could have been attributed to the hormones that the person was taking to go from male to female.

I don't know, psychology still fascinates me, which I guess is why I like watching real-life investigatory crime shows like FBI files that talk about serial killers and how they got caught. Brains are such a mystery and I love learning more.

Went back up that windy hill again. I figure, I'm getting exercise, because not only am I pushing myself diagonally (uphill), but also horizontally (against the wind), so I'm getting at least some of that daily excersise that I'm supposed to get...twice a week. Aren't I supposed to do it everyday for 20 minutes or something?

Don't answer that.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Finally! A Moo Post!

I know Moo looks super-skinny in this pic, but she's not. Here she is vying for some attention in the A.M. More on Flickr.

She's been a little strange in that she's been super affectionate, and really wanting snuggles during the night and in the morning. And she's a persistant little bugger too, really pushing for attention and petting, and shoving her face into my neck so I choke. And then I wake up, pet her and she sits on my chest, put her paw to my throat and presses, choking me. Yeah. She's weird/cute like that.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Windy & Weird

So...Yesterday was kind of a weird one. It started off with me waking up ahead of my alarm, with Moo no where in sight. It was cold in my room since I had turned on the fan and I'm sure she bolted once she realised the fan would not be stopping soon, since I was dead asleep. Unfortunately the clean, cool air has affected my throat and now I'm scratchy, slightly phlegmy and irritable. On top of that I had to wake up earlier than I naturally would, get ready, drag my drawing board and papers up to Chestnut and Columbus by taking two buses and walking four blocks down a steep fucking hill. I don't care if your commute takes you two hours and five transfers, I was not a happy camper yesterday morning.

Class was okay, I couldn't get in my groove, so I just kept trying and trying and started to realise that I really don't like the way that charcoal looks when it's dragged along the side. I finally had the brains to go across the street and get some harder charcoal pencils than my 4B and that helped things...just a little. I guess I have no moderation when it comes to how hard I press when I draw. Especially when it's vertical. After class, I thanked my stars that I got a locker and stuffed all my junk in there, and started walking the six blocks (four of which are uphill) towards Van Ness to take either the 47 or the 49 down to Blick. On Chestnut, between Larkin and Hyde I started realising that I was pushing against the wind, and then as I got to the top of the hill I nearly got blown off my fucking feet.
Pinpointing the wind-fuck spot.

In other news...when I got home yesterday I went and bought a camera, a cute little Olympus FE-230, and let me tell you, standing in line at customer service, waiting for my stupid refund of $20 that the sales person did NOT take off even after I asked him three times, I was like a friggin' statue waiting there for at least 20 minutes. Which doesn't make sense because Best Buy has a shit load of people working there yet there were only two people working returns and exchanges, which a line building up and one guy taken out by a very complicated return. Then I get home and it turns out it's a shitty camera and so I have to return it. Guess how long I waited for? Quite a while. And it was so fast to buy the damn thing! I'm sure they deliberately make the returns like super slow so people are less inclined to return items and just keep their shitty merchandise. Not me. I'll wait in line (and of course complain about it) if it means I don't have to keep something that I'm not even going to use and get my money back.

And what have I done since noon, when I went to Best Buy? I've actually been cleaning my room which apparently takes three hours, since I have so much shit and need to put them back in a place where I might actually be able to find them when I need them in a week or month, maybe even year. I just can't believe how much shit I have sometimes. I mean, I'm only person, why do I have all this stuff? Sometimes I wish I had a 360 degree camera just to show people the insanity that is my room.
Now I will watch Project Runway and avoid the homework that I have. Meh.

Friday, June 22, 2007


You know, leaving home in San Francisco just wouldn't be the same if I didn't encounter a crazy at least once during that outing. Yeah.

But this story does start today, it actually started a few months ago. I was on the MUNI when a man gets on the bus with a backpack, fold-up stool and a wall-hung shelf system made of basketweave. The shelf and stool took up one seat and he took up the other. Another man got on and wanted to sit the seat the first man wasn't occupying, but the firstie couldn't move the stuff because, well, the stuff didn't have anywhere else to go. Secondy then starts yelling at firstie about how he's done so much for this country and we're all supposed to help each other out. Firstie yells back that he can't do anything about his stuff. More yelling ensues and secondy moves down, behind firstie and stands there muttering under his breath and gesturing angrily at firsty. A few blocks down secondy moves to the rear of the bus away from firstie. A few more blocks down, secondy moves back up before he gets off the bus and again starts irritatedly muttering to firstie, at which point firstie yells back. Secondy gestures and gets off.

The point is, today I sat down next to firstie. And he still had his stool. And he reeked of alcohol. He saw my drawing board and asked me if I was an artist. I said yes. He then went on a sporadic monologue, and by sporadic I mean he would say something, stop, wait five or ten minutes and then say something else as if I was continuing the conversation, which I wasn't. He also had a very high pitched voice that was slightly Squiggy from Laverne and Shirley, slightly serial killer. What did he talk about you ask? About how people get angry at him for video taping them. Which I understand, I mean, who knows what he plans to do with that video? And then he kept talking about how great it would have been if in the 1800's everyone had a camera and took video of the earthquake, or how life was back then. He also talked about how that's what he's doing now. Uh-huh.

In other news, I spend the day drawing nudies and going to a meeting to prepare for my midpoint review/thesis proposal presentation. To the say the least I'm nervous. Not about the naked people, but about the presenataion. I'm so scared that I won't get a pass, what if my project isn't big enough? What if they don't think it's good enough and I have to rework or get a new project? I've been looking, everyone's doing hotels, big things, but I know that if I do a huge deal like that, the quality of my work will suffer since I will have so much stuff to do. Oh well. Hopefully I'll get the earliest presentation date and get it over and done with. As for the naked people, that figure drawing class turned out great, two models, got to draw not only the man, but the woman too, and got some great drawings done. Some point I'll take pictures or scan them and share some breasteses with you.


Thursday, June 21, 2007


So I'm sure you're not checking my blog as much as I'm checking my blog, but I'll tell you this much, the layout and look as changed a considerable amount (by that I mean two) of times in the last week. I actually kind of/sort of have the time to mess around with the layout, which I've been meaning to for quite a while now. Just because I look at some gorgeous blogs and think, I could totally do that, and it'll be nicer than looking at the regular normal blog formats...I mean there should be an insane look to go with the weirdness that shows up in my mind and therefore this blog.

Anyway, the layout will probably change a few more times in the next few weeks, once I start drawing for my figure study class, I may have more things to add to the page. Woohoo naked people on the blog! I am feeling so weird right now, a little off balance to the point where I'm actually not feeling hermitous after spending a few hours outside. Hermitous!



I actually heard the didgeridoo today in the 16th/Mission BART Station today. Pretty surreal, I only saw a glimpse and didn't want to take a photo (for fear of getting charged, like the shoe shiners on Stockton and Market), so all I have as proof of the man, sitting on the floor, with a loooong bright yellow didgeridoo out in front of him. I need to get batteries for my camera, I haven't taken enough pictures lately...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Cat Butt

So I finally arrived in San Francisco, after delays in Taipei, I was so ready to be back and done with traveling. Luckily I got through immigration, baggage claim and customs fast (first in line at customs and my bag was maybe the 10th that came out), so I was out of there and climbed into a door-to-door shuttle as soon as possible.

Got to my door after some waiting (they like to have four stops and wait at each terminal for (I guess) 10 minutes, and haul my bag up two flights of stairs, put it on the landing near the staircase, thinking maybe I should move it over because what if I knock it over? Turn around, turn back and of course, the laptop bag hits the suitcase and I knock the damn thing over. Open the door, put down my bags, get molested by Moo, walk down and get the bag and haul it up again. Once I start unpacking my sister and bro-in-law's stuff, I realise why my bag was so damn heavy. THEM! At least that's how I reasoned it to myself. Not because of all the clothes and junk I bought for myself, but because of their stuff.

The title of my post indicates what was in my face when I woke up this morning. At five. AM.

Well, it was more like, cat face, cat body, and as soon as I stopped petting, cat butt. Right now Moo is half lying on my body, half lying on the bed. I guess it's her sweet little way of showing me I belong to her, and I'm not going anywhere, especially not for a full month lke I just did. Oh wait, she just moved, and now she's full on my abdomen, kneading my belly. It's clawless right now, but I suspect the claws will come out soon...and there they are. Damn that hurts. But I let her do it because it's sweet, and I guess I like the attention.

Are you having these issues with your foster pets ST?

Right now her butt is on the base of my laptop near the finger-pad, so everytime I need to click something or move my cursor, I run the risk of sticking my thumb up Moo's butt.

As is my life, let's see if I can get back to sleep...

Why didn't anybody tell me that stupid link snapshot thing was annoying as all hell? I was about read to throw my laptop through the window in Taipei when the damn things wouldn't stop. Got rid of them, and I think I'll keep it that way, I mean, you don't need to preview websites that bad right? Clicking the link will do the job...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Taoyuan Airport

Here I am, sitting in the lounge at the Taoyuan airport, typing in my blog because I don't have much else to do. I can't read the newspapers or magazines, I'm trying to cut down on my eating (gastro-intestinal issues i.e. I've been super full for days, but I can't stop eating) so I simply can't gorge myself to pass the time. So I'm on my computer, plugged into the internet, and I thought I'd say a hello. I don't know why it was such a big deal to me that the airport changed it's name since last year, I had to actually look it up, and luckily (as usual) Wikipedia had the answer for me. Apparently it happened on September 6th of last year and had something to do with political hoo-ha. I saw something about "majority in Legislative Yuan" and then I stopped reading and was simply looking at words.

Oh, and another thing on my cerebrum, I'm a little annoyed at the google/blogger deal of changing the language everywhere I go. It was in Thai when I was, guess where? Thailand, and now it's in (what I assume is) Mandarin. Screen shot!
My dashboard. The picture and the abbreviated sfht are the only indicators that I'm even on my blog dash. I keep hitting cancel becuase I can't tell which is OK, because I cant remember the color co-ordination. *grumble grumble grumble*

So insanely weird how time passed so fast, I was looking at my desk while packing to make sure I had everything when I saw the crackers I took from the Taiwanese lounge on my way there, and it seemed as though it was just yesterday that I grabbed them for no reason and stuffed them in my bag. *sigh* I got a look at this paper underneath the glass of the desk I'm working on, and it says "EVA VIP Lounge" and has a bunch of screen shots. Unfortunately, it's all in Chinese so I can't read a damn thing and don't know what they're talking about. Hopefully it's not that important. *eek*

Lots of emoting today, I'm feeling particularly hyper, and I'm not really sure what to do with that energy. I wonder if it's because I need to pee. Unfortunately I don't want to leave my stuff here to go pee because who knows what might happen. Someone might slip a bomb or drugs into my bag just like the customs people keep warning about, and then I'll have to say that "Yes, I did leave my bag alone for a little while, but I really had to goooo." Doubt they'll listen. Then they'll check my bags. And find nothing. Because when I travel I'm incredibily boring and don't like carrying more than whats neccessary. I still have another hour before my flight starts boarding, and I really don't want to buy anything. On my way to BKK I bought some Ferragamo perfume, my first on-plane, duty-free purchase ever, and the first time in eight years that I have actually bought perfume that wasn't body spray. It smells nice, kind of like a fruit salad, kind of like pomegranate...I think. Some sort of citrusy and tangy fruit. Now that I think about it, it's a little weird that I smell like fruit salad right? I mean. Will I make people hungry? Will bums on SF streets come up to me salivating and try to take a bite? Remember that perfume from Cyprus that made animal hump constantly because it was made from the reproductive glands of some animal? I think that was in a Sugar magazine some time in Y9.

Typing the word eight reminds me of another story (oh there's going to be ALOT of digressions in this post, I assure you), I was typing an invoice for my dad and type fourty instead of forty. My dad thought it was hilarious that I went from K-12 at an international school, college and half my masters and didn't know how to spell forty. I reasoned that I was taught to only spell out words below 10 and those higher should be numbers, so I hardly ever saw the word forty, but less needed to spell it. No go. He got this weird smile on his face that I assumed was part amusement and part "Oh my God my child is a moron."

That's it for now, let's see if I can mess/play around with the layout of the blog. Or do something interesting with photoshop...

Monday, June 11, 2007


I couldn't help it. My mom and I were at the grocery store when we saw this. Someone must have placed the fruit that way, it's just too perfect. This is only shot I got before my mom swatted me away from it, for fear that I would get caught taking pictures of bum-lookalike fruit. Haven't done too much lately, so nothing interesting to report, but more pictures on flickr! Be back in San Francisco on Saturday...crazy how fast time passes!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address."
-Joe Fox of "You've Got Mail"-
I was looking through some old stuff online, and I noticed this quite that I had put up years ago as a favorite. I still love it, and I still love the movie, and I always wondered whether I would ever have a relationship like that, cute, smart and movie-funny. Granted, I doubt these types of relationships exist in the 24/7-always-witty-and-wonderful sort of way. I love being at home, seeing all the sights that I saw and took for granted as a child, but coming back to Thailand always feels like I'm putting my real life on hold, which can be good and bad. When life's on hold, I can't deal with anything from that life until I'm back in it, so I'm finding things like plans for my thesis being put on the back burner because I can't find the strength or brain power to deal with it right now. I wish I had this movie here so I could watch it... I has never failed to put in a good mood, and be positive and happy. The Manhattan scenery is just too beautiful to be sad about.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Day Three (Continued)

Inspired by Yoni's blog, I decided to take some candid photos while Maya and I were out looking around Bangkok. First stop: Central World for a peruse at the new mall.

The open area outside Central World that used to house a huge beer garden but now houses at least three different fountains that no one looks at.

Maya posing in the grand (and useless) hallway that overlooks the aforementioned mall.

Maya quells her craving for pad-see-ew, whilst my craving also sits in the photo, po-pia-tod.

Milk green tea and gateow-laad-naa.

Now I've got to take a break and explain the next few pictures with a reference picture. The first picture is one of Maya's brother Yonaton, looking much more demure than either one of us has ever seen him, sitting in his swing chair in China, sipping on a drink. I was so amazed by this picture that I not only commented on it (miss spelling at least two words), but also regaled Maya with the tale of how her brother looks so incredibly submissive while enjoying his drink. Hence the phrase "Doing a Yoni" was born and wildly used. Of course, by the time the tale reached Maya, I had pumped it up quite a bit, not only in speech form, but in my mind, so when I finally got around to showing her the picture (after we had taken our respective tribute pictures), we realised we had taken it that next step past the original Yonster.

Yoni getting his Yoni on.

Maya doing a Yoni.

Me doing a Yoni, I'm not sure why I look scared, I assume its because it was my attempt at looking cute, which is very hard for me to do and of course, hopeless backfired.

Me trying a hand at "being spastic" as Maya put it, in the middle of the Central World atrium. I look like a damn linebacker with those shoulders.

And the finishing touch, looking up at the elevator shafts in the atrium.

So the verdict is: Central World is quite the crapper. Mostly because it's boring, it's not even finished and no one wants to lease there because they've all gone else where by now. Central World simply shot its load a little too late. Oh well, more tomorrow.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Day Three(ish) of Maya...

Okay, so when I come home, I usually do near nothing, moving a sloth's pace, maybe leaving the house around 2 in the afternoon for an stroll around a mall and then back home to get into bed at 9:30. Yes, for the first two weeks I was in Bangkok, I was going to sleep at 9:30. And loving it. I'm not a night person, and I have an odd fear of being too far away from home late at night. Mostly because I probably wouldn't be able to get into the house without waking my parents. Also, I don't go clubbing, don't drink, don't do anything that people my age find remotely fun, and I'm just a fuddy duddy.

That all changed when Maya got here on Saturday afternoon. We went to Patpong the first night to go shopping, then the next day, Chatuchak, MBK and then Patpong again. Suffice to say we were both pretty tired by the end of the day. And I just realised that I didn't take many photos at all, even though I had my camera with me all day. Well, we're supposed to go explore the new "Central World" and we'll see where the world takes us after that, I'll try to remember to take more photos...good luck.

Put some up on flickr, and 'people' ones on facebook.

Banjo and spoons players in Chatuchak.