Thursday, November 01, 2007


So today I walked out of a 12 story building into the financial district of San Francisco, thinking I was the shit.

Let me rewind.

On (seriously) a whim, I decided to look on for available interior design internships. I found seven companies, researched them and wrote seven cover letters. Then I sent out seven e-mails with attached cover letters and resumes. At 11 o'clock at night. And one called the next day during class, so when I listened to a voicemail not knowing where it came from and heard " you think you could come in tomorrow for an interview?" I damn near fell on the floor in shock.

I was amazed that I got an interview so soon, and so caught off guard that I temporarily forgot that I didn't have a portfolio to show at the interview.

So I rushed home and worked for a few hours on a pretty basic portfolio, but before I begin, I must present to you, the map:
So the story begins on the bottom left play marker. I head north to Pier 39 to print out (top play maker), take the F street car to 2nd and Market and then go to Kinko's to bind my portfolio, then to school to talk to International Services about how and when I can work. Then off to the interview, back to school, get a bagel-wich and take the school shuttle -which somehow I take the long-windy one which takes me through Union Square before I get the bottom left play marker. and then back home.

But I have still not explained why I felt like I was the shit. Let's just say the interview went alot better than I thought it would. I comprehended the questions asked of me, which is a new development under pressure, and had good answers. My interviewer was really nice and let me know that she really liked my cover letter, resume and portfolio. So basically she was the best interviewer I could have had for my very first job interview. And it made me realise that I am a hot commodity and would definitely be an asset to any company I worked for. Let's see how long this confidence will last.

And then a few minutes ago I saw Yoni's flickrstream and his picture of his morning tea made me think about how much I want some stability and relaxation in my life, a regular time when I can just sit on a porch, look at nature and drink some stupid tea. That's so not happening anytime soon. Life is far too hectic right now. I wonder when I'll get to that point, or if I ever will.

Happiness capped with a little melancholy, just another regular day.