Sunday, December 30, 2007

Greetings from Bangkok! I basically flew here, dropped my bags and went to work for my sister's wedding, then a few days after all the wedding stuff was done (a full week after I had arrived) we sped off to the south of Thailand to hang out at Phi Phi for two nights then to Krabi for four. We just got back last night, and this morning set to work figuring out who gave my sister what, writing a list and cataloging it in the computer. Dad's upstairs taking a nap, my mom and sister are off entertaining the brother-in-law's family and I'm here, finishing up the spreadsheet. Good times.

I uploaded some "Thailand" pictures onto facebook, and have yet to do so for flickr, as I'm a little skeptical at the ability of my computer to load the massive load of photos I've got that have been taken over the last two weeks, many of which are of flowers I saw in Phi Phi. Alas, I've got these two on blogger as a taste for you, although I think I see a little message from blogger saying they can't connect, which means my internet just punked out. 'Tis life with a shitty internet connection.

Krabi sunset at Aonang Beach

Sunday, December 16, 2007


So I figured I should do this post before I get to Thailand where YouTube is banned and I can't post this for those of you who aren't in Thailand. So I know the last time I was on my way to Thailand (mid-May) I was talking about Sean Kingston's 'Beautiful Girl' song that and a super catchy tune, and I really didn't think about him until I was hanging out at SFO watching videos on YouTube and stumbled across this Sean Kingston song which is just as enjoyable 'Me Love':

Anyway, the 13.5 hour flight was okay, I slept through most of it, waking up to the crying baby in front of me, which only pushes me further into NO BABY territory. The weirdest part is that whenever I bring up the fact that I don't plan to have children, people are so confused and say that I would make a great mother. I never remember to remind them of my low tolerance for loud noises, screaming and high-pitched voices, all of which children are prone to taking part in. The worst part is that until the child is in their 20's (and even then this might not be true) I probably can't communicate with them on a peer-to-peer level, and don't even get me started on parent-baby communication. I would probably be that weird parent that talks to their child in a super-grown up voice, trying to reason when them to stop crying. Somehow I don't think it would work.

Anyway, off to board the flight to Bangkok.
Here I come!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Finger Typing

I have this weird random affliction that one fingertip on a hand will suddenly start hurting without reason and also without my knowledge. Until I decide to type. And then excruciating pain follows. I really love that they have wireless internet available, I don't know what I would do right now if I didn't have the internet to keep me company. Watch Larry King Live and be bored to tears I suppose.

I'm sitting in the EVA lounge at San Francisco International, waiting for my flight that won't start boarding for another two hours. Why come so early to sit around and do nothing? Because this way, I'm out of the house, I can't go back even if I forgot something, so everything is out of my hands. The serenity that comes with that realization is astounding. My pre-flight schedule is like clockwork:
  1. Wake up freaking out because I have until 8PM to get my shit together and finally pack, which I usually leave to the last minute because I end up doing laundry the night before because I'm just that lazy.
  2. Do all my last minute crap, which today was clean up, wash dishes, throw out all the decomposing food in the fridge, throw bottlecaps all over the apartment for Moo to play with, cut vellum, score, fold and insert into holiday greeting cards, write in greeting cards, seal and send out greeting cards, buy cat treats and cat litter, work on and print out some last minute school stuff, go to school to give to a classmate, return a shirt at Costco and make sure I have everything I need.
  3. Make sure all the stuff is done, and redo in necessary and pack slowly throughout the day.
  4. Start seriously freak out an hour before I have to leave the house.
  5. Pace furiously until my ride gets to the house.
  6. Get to the airport, wait to check in (I usually end up arriving before the counter's even open, talk about eager) and get to the lounge.
  7. Begin relaxation.
The weirdest part is that I hardly ever remember the freakout, but lately I've been reminded or notice it myself. So why did I leave my greeting cards until the very last day before I left? Like I said before, I'm just that lazy. It was actually quite a process, between designing them, getting them printed, cutting them, scoring them, getting the vellum to go inside to hide the photo paper printing on the inside of the cards (I got them done at Costco at the photolab), stamping, labeling and writing in the cards. This is what I get for making my own cards, because I thought it would be cheaper (it kind of was....sort of not) and more "personal". I even did my own labels with a little Moo cat that I drew.
Card front and back, I think this is an old version, as I was told my a fellow flickr that the plant was actually not Myrtus communis and after some searching I found that it was actually Lagerstroemia fauriei. Oh well, can't get them all the first time around.

The address label I used, another old version, in the actual version you can't see the background around the kitty.

It sucks that I had to leave a week early, so I had to get all my work done a week early to turn in to my professors, but thank goodness for the internet, because it allows me to turn in a take-home quiz when it's actually due instead of a week early. I have a paper to write and the semester will be officially over. It's so strange because this semester has been absolutely insane, especially the last few weeks, I've been going into work overdrive trying to get everything done on time and somewhat to the quality that would satisfy me. Now I'm pretty much on vacation and damn ready for it. I think I was going to type some other stories, but I can't remember what I was going to type since I didn't write anything down, which I've found is a theme in my life-don't write something down, simply deem it forgotten.

So on this note I end with a quasi-battle cry:
"Bangkok, here I come!!!!"

Thursday, December 06, 2007

There is no limit to the amount of weird, crazy, funny, odd people and events I see in San Francisco. Yesterday I was on the bus when someone standing next to me suddenly said -to no one in particular- "Quit stalking me grandma or I'll throw you off the Golden Gate bridge." He then proceeded to laugh. Unfortunately I was sitting in a one seater and had no where to go since I needed to get to the end of the line and the bus was packed. He got off soon after, to my relief.

In other news, finals are kicking my butt. Hard. And then stabbing me with a rusty serrated knife. Oh I suppose I'm being overdramatic, but if not now, then when? In still other news, the household is now home to a Roomba, which is currently doing it's job vacuuming without my help. I've always got to keep an ear open to make sure it doesn't get stuck on ledge or something. I have to say, the first night with it in the house was eventful, I was in bed when at about 1am the Roomba was knocking on my door, well, more ramming against my door, trying to get in. Half-asleep and fearful of the coming rampage of robots, I thought the damn thing had turned itself on and was coming for my blood. Turns out my brother-in-law had turned it on to see how it would work after it finished charging.

I suppose these are life's little adventures that incidentally shave years off of my life.