Monday, September 29, 2008


I've been working on multiple projects over the past few months since I started knitting. I've so far finished three scarves, and right now I'm working on a table runner, and when I've needed a break from that huge project, I started and finished two small bags.

The first bag project, the yarn is a super soft gift from a friend. The two textures were completely accidental, but turned out great. All that's left is to find some nice green buttons to cover the connections where the handle is sewn to the bag.

Second bag project, color changes and multi-colored handle. Still have alot of finishing to do.

And of course there's always cooking adventures. I had some left over brie that I had marinated in lemon rind and olive oil, and I had eaten some great brie pastries before, so I decided to try it for myself. Here we have the brie mixture, home made pastry dough, and strawberry jam. Delicious, but needs more sugar.

Bubbly delicious goodness.


yoni said...

Hey Asha. I think it's brilliant that you've given yourself so many projects. I think hobbies / projects expand the mind, expand your experience, and are very meditative / theraputic. I think we should all pursue hobbies in the way you do. I'm after some hobbies, but I've no time! I have been cooking though, and my next task will be a Green Tea Sponge Cake, as requested by my gf. For Art, check out this example: - not made by me.

Keep it real.


PS. That pastry sounds like the richest food ever conceived. What about something lighter?

Asha said...

Thanks for the super long comment Yoni. Actually the dessert isn't very rich at all, the brie gets mellowed out by the jam and there's so much pastry that soaks up everything, it ends up being pretty light.

yoni said...

The brie gets mellowed by the jam, all the pastry soaks up everything else, so it ends up being light? To me that reads the same as: Well the bacon fat gets absorbed by the sausages, and the extra serving of fat is lost in the baked beans and the toast soaks up all the the rest, so in the end my breakfast was pretty light.

As for the green tea sponge cake: it was a failure. Maybe I didn't beat the eggs hard enough. The cake didn't rise, it was very dense at the bottom. So will have to try again.

Keep up the knitting.