Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Stealth Moo...

Let me begin by singing this song:
"Moo is a weirdo,
She thinks she can be hidden,
By a table cloth that doesn't reach to the floor
Moo is a weirdo
But she makes cute photos
And she's just a cat can I really ask for more."
Okay I'm not sure if that was a haiku or a song, so just enjoy the stupid photos.
Shhh...she might hear you.

FUCK! Run!

Moo decides her hiding place is far too boring and moves on.

Sewing with Moo

So a few weeks ago I posted a story about how I sewed myself some curtains for a window, and I finally found the picture of Moo attacking my beautiful fabric while I was sewing. So here we go...

L: Moo wondering what that roll of seaming tape is and "is it battable?" R: Moo posing in the distance while I wonder how I hell I'm going to get this shit done with her sitting on top of the fabric.

Mo attacking my pin cushion (that was her favorite toy, I was of course constantly afraid she was going to swallow a pin).

A flurry of attacks!

*CHOMP* Moo chews on the fabric! No Moo NOOOOO!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Domain change...

Hi everyone,

I thought I'd let you know in the easiest way possible that the domain for my blog has changed FROM http://buttsrock.blogspot.com TO http://sfht.blogspot.com. If for whatever reason you've decided to link to me from your blog or site, remember to change it because the link won't work under buttsrock anymore.

And in case you were wondering about why the address is SFHT, because I'm sure the minute business is constantly on you mind (and if it is, don't be offended by my sarcasm, I don't mind your obsession), SFHT is superfantastichappytime in initials, and the whole word was a little too long for a web address and superfantastic was taken. I went to that site and it was created August 2004, and has not been updated since its first post. BLAST!

Anyway, I'm sure I'll find some way to let you know, in case you haven't read this post (gasp! blasphemy!) and it gets buried underneath the 14 posts that I will do today.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Trip to the pet store!

We made a trip to the pet store today, because we really needed a brush that would actually pull out Moo's dead hairs since she's shedding all over the friggin' place. I know, I know, she's a cat that's covered in hair, and she's gonna shed regardless, but the key is to minimize the shedding all over my white comforter.
Two chinchillas sleeping in an upturned igloo. That one on top is looking at me suspiciously.

You can totally imagine this guy doing the whole cuteoverload.com
"Ehn! Ehn! Eeeehnnn!" thing.

The tube we bought so Moo can be in small enclosed environment so we don't have to leave paper bags all around the living room. Collapsable into a bed, word (west coast hand sign here).

Sunday Night...

I start the spring semester tomorrow, albeit at 3:30pm, but still, it's a little daunting and I'm secretly prayiing that things will go well, so I shall leave you with this sign, not super rare to see, but still humourous to me.

Taken on 16th & Hoff.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

And it still makes me giggle...

Don't get me wrong, I love manatees. They're beautiful, docile, lovely creatures that really make me want to just be a piece of plankton just so I can swim with them and be merry.

And I know that you really can't tell whether this is a manatee or a dugong since you can't see whether its tail is forked or not, and which ever they are their "slow moving, [and] curious nature" is the cause for their diminishing population, since it can make them really vulnerable to boat propellers and fishing gear, AND that really this video is completely exploiting their nature. But this video is hilarious.

And I bet it's that manatee's curious nature thinking "What the fuck are those weirdos looking at?" that propels him/her towards the glass anyway.


You know, I'm such a bag, furniture and uncomfortable shoe addict. Well, I've semi-banned myself from bag and shoe shopping so all that's left is furniture. So I bought a nice little table that's super shallow and long so I can sit and work comfortably at it on my laptop and on paper. Compared to my old clunker that bought when I first moved here because I seriously needed something to work on, sitting cross legged on the floor was killing my already 80 year old back, take a gander:
The definition of clunker right? Had a lot of storage space though, but it was made for a desk top, monitor on elevated platform, keyboard of huge movable platform, which totally didn't work for my laptop, and I wasn't going to shell out another $60 for a new keyboard, usb hub and a converter from circular keyboard plug to usb outlet. So had this behemoth for six months, finally got rid of it on craigslist (cue angelic heaven music) and bought:

Booyah! You probably can't see it because I didn't use the flash and it's blurry and there's a bunch of junk underneath it because all the stuff I stored in the old desk had to go somewhere. But yeah, a little drawer thing to store all my junk (who knew I had that much computer junk), maybe a bedside table instead of my file box, and I'm pretty much good to go. I'm still trying to find out what "style" this table is, they listed it as a Parsons table at the thrift store, so not, and my interior design books help me squat.

And so I leave you with a picture of Moo, in her new window ledge/spot/bed, that she has finally gotten used to, and climbs up there all on her own now! She loves watching the birds fly by and the traffic crawl along the 101. Doncha love the grey sky? Haven't had too much sunny weather in the past few days. Grrr.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Goliath...'nuff said

I'm not sure if any of you have heard of this story, if not, you live under a rock, or...not in the U.S. Seriously, every media outlet, blog, anything is posting shit about this, so I figured I must, because 1. The three people that read my blog aren't in the States and 2. It's just great video footage.

So the story is that this "stray" cat got stuck in someone's cat/doggy door while trying to pilfer from cat food for himself. Yeah, like any stray is seriously that obese. The local news caught light of this hilarity and ran it on the news, at which point the owner realised it was his cat, called up and got his cat back. Q. How does a cat get that big???? A. I have no fucking clue, but I'm putting Moo on a strict diet of 1/2 cup of cat food per day, (not that she really eats that much to begin with, or that she eats people food, and the SPCA told me to give her 1/2 a cup of food per day) for fear that she will BALLOON into this huge leviathon that is Goliath. Ai.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Aiiiiiiiii *snort*

You really don't think how much you breathe while eating until you can't do it through you nose. And I hate it. Not only does breathing while chewing look awful to anyone watching you eat, but it's also not fun to do, and definately increases the risk of choking on your food my accident because you're inhaling through your mouth with food in there.

I'm eating some cold fried rice right now and trust me, I'm being very careful with those little rice kernals. My only other option is to hold my breath until I swallow and then take a breath. Which really isn't much better because as soon as I swallow I'm gasping for air.

At least I feel like I'm getting better. The frequency at which I have blow my nose has reduced, and it doesn't feel like Moo is reaching her tiny paw down my throat and diddling with my tonsils. Hopefully I'll be better by tomorrow, I need to go to some event at school to meet the new director the IAD department and I'm sure she wouldn't appreciate snot in a handshake.

In other news, I'm almost done with this online course! Just a few more days and I'll be done, done, done! Woot! And Moo's been sleeping up a storm (that's really not news I guess).

Ohhhh rolled up so tight!

I don't know if you can see her little eyes, but she is soooo awake.

Cleaning herself is top priority, doncha know.
And the first shot I've ever gotten of her tongue out! I'm hoping to get one of the top, so you can see the little crazy cat cilia!

Monday, January 22, 2007


So I have been floating in and out of conciousness all day today.

In fact, I've been floating in and out of conciousness all my life, but everyone I hang out with already knows that.

It's especially apparent today, because I've got a cold, not a particularly bad one, just stuffy yet snotty nose, with a precurser of three days of inflamed tonsils and pain swallowing, I honestly can't say which one is worse, my nose is runny but dry and painful, but at least now I can swallow without having to look down to see who's stabbing me with a small, sharp knife.

So I woke up this morning wondering:

Q1. Why is it so dark?
A1. Because I still haven't gotten used to my curtains actually blocking out light.

Q2. Why is someone stabbing me in the shoulder?
A2. Because I slept with three pillows under me so I don't suffocate in my sleep.

Q3. Why do I get sick so often?
A3. Because mother nature hates me for eating her children and therefore covers everything in dust, my archnemisis.

Then I checked my online class, took a shower and took my place in the living room armchair and zoned, popped out of zone, checked the class, surfed a bit and then meandered back into zoning. I popped out suddenly a few hours ago, only to hear the commotion going on in my neighbor's apartment:

"Oh yeah baby..." *smack* "Oooh!"

Delightful. He's watching porn and I can't move because I'm in the middle of writing a paper and my body has seized up with ache. Oh well, I continue typing my paper with the moans and groans in the background, hoping upon hope that I won't subconciously type "smack me" while comparing my art to Baudrillard's "Death of Reality" theory.

I'm thinking it's a death in reality that this guy is playing porn on his huge sound system uninhibited. And I just heard the T.V. guy on my T.V. say "sucking on a lollipop" and my head snaps up. Oh, it's "How It's Made" and he's talking about how lollipops are made, not quite as weird as I thought.

Oh, speaking of porn, there's this huge imposing building on 14th and Mission, I pass it on my way downtown, it looks pretty run down, broken windows, graffiti everywhere. It used to be an armory, but what is it going to be now? Kink.com just bought it, and it's going to be where they film their bondage films from now on, click here for the story at sfgate.com. Apparently hardly any renovations are needed, being run down and old as it is, things like dark, dirty hallways filled with rats are the perfect accent to an S&M film.

I need to blow my nose, so I'll leave you with this thought:
If I get sick today, touch something, get better and touch that thing again, will I get infected again?

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Great Flickr Batman!

Usually I don't go look at FlickrStreams that are featured on cuteoverload.com but yesterday I made an exception and got greeted with some absolutely gorgeous photos from the French Alps full of dogs sheep and cows and beautiful, beautiful landscapes. Her name (I assume) is Ingrid and her blog is ingrid_brandt's photos and here's just a taste!

I love how the cow's just so "Baroo?" with the gorg mountains in the back.

My wood pile? Please?

Saturday, January 20, 2007


So last semester I had a spa/resort/b&b project on this stupid super steep hill (real life situations suck by the way) and we were supposed to go to the site in Inverness, CA (over and hour north of SF) as a class, but I wasn't going to make it to that class the day they were going, it was W's birthday and right before Thanksgiving, so I got permission to go on my own. Turns out the class didn't go anyway, but I saw some crazy things (like a cue of 20 cows running along the side of a steep mountain because it was feeding time) and got some great pictures, the main ones being the panoramic views of Tomales bay from the west peninsula. Take a gander:

By the way, I took these pictures the old fashioned way by standing in a stop and rotating my body, snapping shots as I move, coming home and putting them in photoshop and syncing them up, so that should explain the light patches or when the ripples in the water don't match up. I'm really starting to realise that my crappy Coolpix 3100 is actually a damn good camera. Even if I overpaid for it.

Sewing Project!

So on Thursday we all hopped in truck and headed over to Ikea for my sister and broinlaw to buy a bed and for me to buy window coverings, something to put on my huge blank bedroom wall and anything else I find.

Well turns out I wasn't going to pay $60 for curtains I had to iron on the stupid things that you put the rod through to hang them, I should probably know the name for that stupid stupid thing, being an I.D. student and all, but I honestly can't be bothered to think or look it up. Figure it out people. Anyway, way overpriced, not at all cute, I was not having it, so I walked over to the fabric section and found some fabrics that I really like and ended up buying three yards of one fabric, and a yard each other three others, so I could make my own damn curtains for nothing. I thought they were pretty damn cute:

I ended up using the blue one for my curtains and they turned out as such:

I'm pretty proud of them, I did one edge on each panel in hemming tape, then ran out of it so did the other edges by hand, which took forever because I had to split it up over two days, I'm so not used to sewing and I really need to get a sewing machine. I did a really open hand stitch so that if I ever joined the local sewing place (Stitch Lounge) or actually bought a sewing machine, I could take the stitching out really easily and do it again.

And the whole time I was sewing the damn thing Moo was seriously getting into getting up my ass by attacking the cloth, or chewing up the thread, even jumping on me if the thread moved on my lap. Nothing's funner than having your cat attack (with claws no less) while you're trying to concentrate on not poking yourself with a huge ass needle.

Moo trying to lay claim on my damn curtain.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Oh Moo-ness continues...

I just found these on my camera while taking pictures of my teajarpot, I am the definition of a new cat owner, anything and everything is cute enough to take a picture of.

If Moo was a male, I'd totally say this was her "Come to me" picture, followed by her "Nevermind I'm to tired to luuuurve you" picture.

Tangled in the mess that is her former twine ball.

And tangled still.

Oh the sorrow...

Let me begin by singing this song:

I don't have a teapot,
Short or stout,
I have a jar,
With no spout.

When my tea gets steamed up,
I just pout,
I need a teapot,
Help me out!

Seriously, I am too stingy to buy a teapot, but I complain that I don't have one, I'm just good like that.

Some pictures of my jarpot:

Moo got pissed and "meowy" while I was taking pictures of my jarpot-teajar, so I retaliated by taking a picture of her.

Another sunny day in San Francisco!

Speeding through the GG!

These pictures are from November, on the way back from Big Sur speeding through the Golden Gate bridge at night, without my flash on because all I got was black void with it. Me likey.

The barrage of postages begin...

Okay, to explain, I am taking an online class. This requires me to log on every weekday until January 26th, read a lecture, take a daily quiz, answer the discussion question and respond to other people's answers. So since I have absolutely nothing else to do I will use up time by posting stuff that I've been meaning to post but haven't got around to.


Green up your life! This one of the many posters appearing around SF urging you to green up your life for the betterment of the earth. Read it, absorb it, do it.

Full service shopping...

I'm supposed to be working on my online class, reading the lecture, taking part in the discussions, blah blah blah, but all I can think about is the full service shopping that took place on Tuesday in a store at Westfield Mall. I honestly have never been to a store where they actually care who you are, and take care of you while you shop. I walked into Forth & Towne because the window said "Sale" on it, and being the cheapie that I am, I couldn't afford not to at least check out this sale, plus I was desparate to find a dress. I had gone to numerous stores, Anthropologie, H&M, MNG, Borders (okay Borders doesn't have clothes, but it's a store and I had a coupon) and I had come up with nothing but a skirt that I defininitely could not wear to a wedding.

So in I shuffled into this huge bright store, not sure what I was in for, and started perusing (the only word to use), saw alot of people working there, dressed very nice, and one older man in a full suit walking around with a woman telling her that they really didn't have coats anymore since it's almost Spring and would she be interested in something else? On I went and some of the stuff was a little "mature lady", but some of the stuff was interesting, and I picked up a dress to try on. There's this huge cylinder in the middle of the store that turned out to be the changing rooms, as I walked towards the entrance, one, then two people started walking towards me as if to help me, one of them being the aforementioned man who seemed to have seniority because the other lady stopped short, stared at him and backed up to what she was doing.

In he took me into the "changing room area" and another lady popped out of no where and asked me if I wanted a bottle of water while I tried on my clothes. The man put my clothes in a changing room, smiled and walked away, while the other lady asked me what I was looking for. I replied a dress, for a wedding, no black, not too revealing and had to hit me at the knee, no higher, no lower. I tried on the dress I picked out, and ooh, no this won't work, too much boob, you could see my bra from basically every angle, and I do not go braless for any reason and do not have any of those specially designed bras for these kinds of dresses, I hardly wear dresses, why buy a $60 bra to wear once a year? So it was out, I heard a knock at my door and there was the changing room assistant with three other dresses, I only wanted to try one of them, so I did, and it was the one, wine colored, with an empire waist satin sash and hit me right at the knee, I opened to door the find her hovering outside, told her I wanted it and of we went to the cashier where she handed me off to someone else.

Okay, this is where I got realy happy. The original tag price was $148, then it got marked down to $74.99, then to $59.99. I could deal with a sale dress at $60, but when she priced it, it was $37.99. Woohoo. Cheap dress, happy me.

Oh yeah, and during that day I bought a CD and now I realise how much I like happy French music.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

More car-aaaazyness

Oh the insanity of 101 impressions in less than 4 minutes! I probably only know 75% of the peeps he's impressioning, and some of them aren't fabulous, but the sheer fact that he's attempting this totally kicks hiney! His name is Brock, full name at the end of movie. Full props.

Click the white box a few times and hopefully the movie will work, if not, go to: http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1735369

Okay, this is getting redonkulous

It's ca-razy, I'm halfway to the point of needed to get a blog just for Moo, because between my sister and I, there are billions of photos being taken of this cat.

Here are just a few...

Moo-Raka sleeping on my bed in front of the window.

Plant-face sleeping.

Pretzel cat!

Moo in her perfect sun beam in the kitchen.