Sunday, January 27, 2008

Flickr Update

I've added quite a few photos to my flickr recently, oddly enough, not the one above, but one very similar to here to go there and take a looksie...

Friday, January 25, 2008


What a great, fabulous, cute movie that makes me want to curl up in a ball under my covers and contemplate life.

Honestly, I haven't given props to too many movies lately because none have struck me that much, especially not as much as Juno has. How can one movie make me fall in love with so many people, so many times over? Words do it no justice, just go watch the damn movie.

In other news, I got so incredibly soaked today that I had to buy a pair of socks halfway through my foray into the outdoors to replace the super soaked ones I was wearing. It just didn't stop, and I found out -too late- that my umbrella had holes in it. So even though I was carrying this stupid umbrella, I had minimal protection. So I spent some time looking for a new umbrella, which I found was not an easy task. I suppose I only looked in three different stores, but still, Nordstrom, Brookstone and Eddie Bauer did not have what I wanted and I was not happy.

The search continues....

Friday, January 18, 2008

Travel: Accomplished

Enough planes for me already.

I've been on six planes in the last month, which is nothing to most people, but more than enough for me. And even though I told my parents I was going to go visit Canada to check out the design scene, who knows if that notion will actually take hold.

But I have a question to pose to you.

"Do the picture at the top of my blog fit the border, or does it overflow?"

Because on the computer when I first did that picture, it totally looked great in the border, fit just fine, and now I'm on my laptop and it's overflowing. I assume it's because the computer I first did it on was a widescreen one. But who knows.

And I just realised that I didn't copy a few files that I was supposed to onto my flash drive. Darn it. And I wanted to get all the fonts from my parents computer, since they have way more than my crappy defaults. Darn it! And I'm sure there's some other computer-related thing that I totally forgot about, that will surface in a few days and I will be kicking myself for forgetting. (Say it with me.)

Darn it!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

En Route...

I'm feeling quite lucky right now (knock on wood, oop, first must find some wood upon which to knock) because the buttons on this blogger are in English. Sad that something so small can have such a positive effect on my mood, but 'tis reality.

Just got off the flight from BKK to TPE and it was a good flight, slept for the first hour, then woke up, watched Travel Time in San Francisco (or something like that) where two people must accomplish eight cryptic tasks within 12 hours. Pretty crazy because I couldn't figure out most of what they had to do, since the clues were so damn cryptic and I obviously know nothing about the city I currently live in. What cracked me up the most was that the continuity of the their travels didn't really make sense...they'd be in the Castro, and then suddenly when they get their next clue, be standing in Union Square and luckily could take the cable car at Powell and Market (which somehow was incredibly empty, which I have never seen) up to Chinatown.

Anyway, after that, tried sitting through some of the Heartbreak Kid (for whatever sadistic reason) and really couldn't, so switched over to Zuma (I love the regional flights, it's pretty much the Singapore Airlines system, pause, play, games, all the lot), found I was pretty damn bad at Zuma with the weird handheld, and so decided to watch Across the Universe. Which is a movie I've been wanting to watch since first seeing the ad, but never got around to it. Was kind of conveluted (sp?) in the beginning, but then I got into the mood of a tiny bit of (if any) dialogue then singing, and then we started our descent, with probably minutes off the end, so they turned off the entertainment system.


Monday, January 14, 2008

Here's Comes That Rainy Day...

Whew, I guess I just got home in time, it's pouring outside, about 10 minutes after I trundled home.

Well this visit to Bangkok has been very nice, a roller coaster of excitement, happiness, stress and reunions. I've gotten to see alot of faces from my childhood, many people that I hadn't seen for over ten years came for my sister's reception. The most memorable was my godparents, who -as always- were warm and happy to see me. Other people I've met I hadn't seen for maybe six or seven years, that was pretty crazy too. It really makes me think how much people change over the years, and how much they don't. It seems like alot of personalities are pretty similar, but the looks change quite a bit, which concerns me mostly because I don't think my outside has changed so much, I still look like I did in high school.

Except with different glasses.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Year, New Colours

What a difference a little cream makes right?

I figured it was time for an overhaul, and I was getting tired of seeing the bulbs, so now we've got this flower...what the actual flower is, I haven't the foggiest. The overhaul itself is not yet complete, I've still got some tinkering to do with font colors, but this is the new look for now...

Enjoy, and a belated happy new year to you all.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Oh My Motherload...

So...I had a little bout of insomnia today (probably due to the fact I had a huge ice coffee...followed shortly by a super sugary coconut juice, which was followed by an iced green tea...), and started looking through some old photo albums I found.

And boy was I glad I did.

In case you haven't been on facebook, or aren't on facebook, or I haven't added you, or some other circumstance has happened in the two weeks: I uploaded some photos from ancient Patana...Kindergarten & P4 to be exact. And now I've found some from high school. More specifically Y7-10. And some of graduation.

Unfortunately I no longer am in possession of a scanner. Which is probably a good thing becuase I would spend all night scanning, tagging and laughing at said photos. Which is what I will be doing when my parents' scanner decides to return. Until then I suppose I will simply have to peruse through them myself and have some serious giggles.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Acupuncture a.k.a. FRIK That Needle Hurts

Yes, yes, I have heard that "when done properly, acupuncture is NOT supposed to hurt." But like my doctor told me, acupuncture is much like trying to stick a pin through cloth and not touching a thread. Damn near impossible right? Either way, I was in pain. But mostly becuase I'm pretty scared of pain and the anticipation of it was really bothering me. And caused me to break out in sweats. Not really conducive to the application of iodine, since water tends to wash away the stuff really bad, which my doctor was using as markers for where he was to apply his sadistic torture pins. So I keep telling myself it's for the greater good.

Somehow I still don't find that comforting.

The pin
For your viewing pleasure
(You sadistic bastard)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I've played Portal a total of three times and everytime I get freaked out because of the sheer awesomeness of the game...and the fact that the bots are really creepy. Actually the whole game is pretty creepy. But when I saw this comic, I knew I had to post it, enjoy.