Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oh...the mmorpgs!!

So I was over at W's this past weekend and he has gotten me hooked on this new mmorpg that's in beta mode right now, free to download and free to play, sounds too good to be true right? So far I'm seeing more pros than cons in this game so for the moment, it's not too good to be true...yet.

But I have to say, I enjoyed the game for the first four hours I played it over the weekend, and now that I'm home on my laptop, I'm still in the process of downloading it (96% woohoo! Almost there!) The game it pretty simple, based on "kung fu" styles, heavy Chinese/Japanese influences, with clans, daggers and fighting wheels. Oh yeah, and a shitload of chimeras walking around hissing.

The only problems so far is that navigating with the camera is a little hard, but you know, that could just be my picky need to view from a certain angle as my character turns while running through the terrain. Also, you can't use the arrow keys to move, it's all mouse clicking unless you've got lightfoot (speedy running), I guess I got spoiled with CoH with the whole navigating with my arrow keys, which I loved. And the last...I forgot. I had one that didn't have to do with navigating but I forget. Oh...the advertising. Whenever you enter a new place, there's a little billboard ad for Acclaim (the parent co.) which I'm sure will branch out into other ads for other companies, but W is assuming this is why the game will be free once it's out of beta. There are only two servers, one for U.S. and one for Europe, which sucks because on the weekends the U.S. servers pretty damn crowded and laggy.

I'll be back soon with more updates and screen shots, for now, the download's complete and I'm off to play!

Note: Winzip is still opening up the stupid zipped file, and I wanted to just say how annoyed I am sometimes at the posting on this blog. I'll admit I am anal about a few things, and one of them is my paragraph spacing. To properly emote how I am speaking and for better clarity of separation of topics, I use paragraph spacing, and it just pisses me off sometimes because it just doesn't work and I have to go back, sometimes as much as four or five times to try and change the spacing to make sure it's the way I want it. I just want it right! Ugh!

Another Note: It's the next day!!!! And this stupid thing still isn't working. I have now switched to html and this is ridiculous, there is a billion div align="left" functions but they're obviously not doing anything except assigning non existant text to left! UGH!

Yet Another Note: My brain, oh my brain is about ready to explode. This is driving me insane.
The Last Note: Okay, it's now the next next day and I've fixed the problem, stepped back, calmed down, I think I can properly function in society without standing there pulling out my hair and screaming a'la Turk from Scrubs:

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Moss Beach!

Yesterday my sister and her husband decided to go to a beach to hang out since it was a such a beautiful and warm day. Out of character for me, when asked if I wanted to go, I said yes.

So off we went, in the car down the 101 to the 280 to the 1, first glance at the ocean really wakes you up in the morning, it almost completely clear, waves crashing, air smelling great and feeling warm. It was truely a beautiful February day.

On the way down (to where I didn't know) we stopped at this beach (I looked, I have no idea where it is) to watch the hundreds of surfers that had gathered to try and catch a real wave. I know this picture doesn't show it, but the cove that this beach was in was huge, and from practically edge to edge, there were just a ton of surfers waiting out there.

Surfers at unknown beach
I don't know if it's just me, but I like watching surfers on land too, sometimes it's even more interesting to see the differences in the types of surfers, the way they move when they're out of the water, even who they're with is interesting to see. Like one surfer who walked out, over to his wife, who we had been watching because they had a golden retriever with a ball that was just hilarious to watch. Then there was the tale male surfer that was doing Sun Salutation yoga in front of us, first time I ever saw that, but cool...anyway...onward...
Pathway back up to the real world
After watching the surfers, we moved on down the highway and ended up in Moss Beach. We drove down through a cute neighborhood to the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, known for their tidepools, wooded hikes and apparently contaminated water. But it's really cute, you drive through a neighborhood, there's a little parking lot, the Marine Reserve buildings and a short walk down a path, some rocks and over a flowing beach stream to a long beach covered in smooth rocks with holes in them.

Can you spot the seal?
The best part was that there were seals at the beach, that I was told were feeding, they were just hanging out, riding the surf and popping their heads out to stare at us weird looking humans. They were definately a cute bunch.

Once the tide started going out, and the rocks started showing up from under the surf, the seals climbed onto them and started their sunbathing. So cute, and a wonderful end to a our field trip.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ninja Poetry

I absolutely love his constant use of the word "Onomatopoeia"! It's such a crazy amazing word that totally reminds me of IB English. That and alliteration.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's!

Yes, yes, yes, Happy Valentine's day, it's wonderful, we're all happy, in love or just love pink. But I'm more thinking about how I've seriously not accomplished anything today. I cleaned up, because it was in a state after making a concept board Sunday night/Monday morning, and Took a shower? Went to Sports Authority to look at snow pants, a backpack and a compass, ended up buying a compass for site visits, ran over to Foodsco and picked up toilet paper and paper towels.

See this is the problem with Project Runway marathons, in between all the none stuff I've done I have managed to watch three, maybe four episodes of PR and it's killing me. Now I'm sitting at my desk wallowing with a bowlful of flan and dulce de leche ice cream. Yum, but still wallowing.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

There's a hole above the Mission... what my roommate said to me today. That was after I blinded myself opening my curtains to see why it's so bright outside and looking at the sun. It's been really rainy the last few days, and today, there's a break in the clouds right above the Mission (maybe Potrero hill) and luckily we live really close by and the hole is somewhat over our apartment too. The breeze is so nice, the temperature great (it was warm and humid yesterday) and the sky looks gorgeous (above out apartment).

Here's some photographic documentation, as taken through our not-so-clean window (as usual, clickity click for larger versions):

The view towards Twin Peaks with the UCSF Cell Culture building peeking in on the left.

Above the UCSF building.

Moving along the UCSF building towards the east (I'm looking south).

The bright hole towards the east, (UCSF building peeking on the right).

I know what you're thinking: "Enough with the stupid UCSF building already!"

Here's what I say: It's in the stupid picture, it's a point of stupid reference, and if you still complain, you're a stupid idiot. Insult!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Happy New Year! Love, SF Chinatown

I'm not a very good partially-Chinese person. I didn't even know Chinese New Year was next week! A friend and I decided to go and explore Chinatown, of course we picked one of the first few days in a downpour to go walking. Okay, it wasn't so much a downpour as a constant and annoying sprinkle. So it's Chinese New Year so the city (I guess) closed down many of the streets all the stores and restaurants and private business owners have set up booths, with stages every so often for performers. We ventured up Grant St. found a place to eat, I had duck over rice, her duck over noodles, and then we skedaddled back to Union Square because the rain was really getting to be a pain. Great fun.

A view of booths, umbrellas and rain.

Southwest wishes you a Happy Chinese New Year!

I can't believe how many people there are, guess the rain doesn't stop anything from happening here.

A man in a white tux rocking out on his Chinese violin. Classic.

Friday, February 09, 2007


I probably would ban myself from blogging more than once a day, if I didn't have so much incredibly important stuff to blog about. CUPCAKES people! The most important thing in your world! I've already eaten three today, I'm immune the sugary seizures these things cause.

It's the cheater's way of making a valentine's cupcake:

1 box of White Cake Mix
1 package of red (strawberry, raspberry, whatever) jello mix
1 tub of thawed coolwhip topping
red sprinkles
Three eggs, 1 1/2 cups of water & 1/3 cup of oil (for cake mix)

1. Mix cake mix according to directions
2. Add in the dry jello mix, mix well
3. Bake according to cake mix direction in cupcake liners
4. Take out, cool and cover with coolwhip
5. Sprinkle your sprinkles and eat!

Note: They taste better when they've hung out in the fridge for a bit

I actually threw away some batter because they tasted so weird coming out of the oven, but after adding the coolwhip (i.e. more sugar and cream), they tasted great.

Moo won't eat any cupcakes, but she's perfectly happy on the heatpad on this cold, rainy day.


In one of my classes we were researching different skyscrapers, and I stumbled across this picture that graphs skyscrapers around the world. I can't remember which website it came from, but it's still a cool picture, click for a full size view.

Baiyoke in Bangkok, Thailand yeah!

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Bah! That stupid Super Mario Bros. song is now STUCK IN MY HEAD. And it's not like it means anything, no words, no emotions, just "Dah-dah-dah-dah-dah-DAH-boomp!" I just realised how much work I have to do for classes and I haven't done jack-whipple at all today besides lay around watching reruns^108 of Project Runway season 3, you know, with Angela, and Laura, and Uli, Michael, all those horrid and lovely (respectively) people. Oh and I meandered down the street to get some stackable filing things so that I could stack my white paper, file folders, and "special" papers neatly without having to knock over one thing to get to the other. Oh, and I moved some things around in my room. Other than that, BULL-WHIPPLE!

Got so much work to do, yet I'm constantly on this blog, thinking of things to write about, which is probably why I'm now posting multiple times a day as opposed to once a month. Maybe taking an online class wasn't such a great idea for me, since I'm such a net-junkie and basically will find any reason to surf the net. Which takes me to Tyra Banks (no surprise here), for whatever reason (severe lack of something productive to do) I was watching the Tyra Banks Show and she had one of those multiple-plastic-surgery people on, who is a "self professed plastic surgery junkie", and with 19 operations under her belt, who's going to argue? Well Tyra starts going on about how "junkie" has such a negative connotation, and it's used for people who abuse drugs, blah, blah, blah. Well you know what Tyra, since you obviously don't know anything about plastic surgery, because you've never had any, let me tell you, at thousands of dollars a pop, this lady is just as bad as a crack-junkie, and so can call herself whatever the friggidy-frack she wants. Got it? Ugh, why I even watch that show in passing really makes me wonder, I should gash myself in the arm with a steak knife everytime I see that show, ADS INCLUDED.

Oh. And another thing. Yes, I totally watched an online clip of her tirade (which I refuse to post, thank you very much, google it or something, I'm not helping your disgusting curiosity) about how The Mirror or The Sun or whatever "The" tabloid printed pictures of her in a strapless swimsuit looking thicker than a size 0, and how they can kiss her "big, fat, ass" *ass slap right here*. Well you know, reaction to tabloids is just as good as tabloids, and that little tantrum just caused tabloids to sell better, tabloid blogs to do better and her ratings to go up all in unison.
Bravo Tyra, bravo.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Super Mario Song!

I'm sure alot of you will appreciate this, Fantent is a site that has compiled 14 videos of people playing the soundtrack from Super Mario Bros. From the beatbox flute to the acapella, some are far better than others, but still entertaining to watch. Click here to go to the webpage. Below is one of the better ones for sure:

This one's for me!

So for the last few (hundred) posts I've been either posting about Moo, pet store visits, or trinkets of non-information that I'm sure fascinates everyone. Well I figured it was time to talk about what's happening with me, because lets face it, life without me is so incredibly boring? Si? No? Well fuck you.

First on the list, (there's a list folks, get ready for a long one) I have been eviscerated by my cat. Yes, I know this is just like a Moo post, but its about my pain and suffering, not Moo's joyous life away from the SPCA, and yes, the sweet lovable lets-bat-this-bottle-cap-around Moo attacked me yesterday with full body force and I have the scabs -I'll spare you pictures- to prove it, but let's get this straight, she isn't a horrible cat, I just play rough and she gets really into it. Moo and I play wrestle daily, basically because I get bored waving a stick with string attached to it, and if I'm not into it, Moo's not into it. So I get on the floor and start tickling her belly, she rolls over, and starts grabbing with front paws, then kicking with back paw, then chomping with fangs. This goes on for a while, me letting her kick then overpowering her with a (cat) body flip. Well after a few bouts of this Moo gets into real fighting mode and starts stalking and then full run, jump and clamp with all claws and teeth on my shoulder and arm. That's when it gets scary because despite her hilarious attempts at hiding herself, she's very good at catching me off guard, and let me tell you people, I signed a waiver saying I wouldn't declaw her, but damn those claws her like a bitch.

Next. I am addicted to Starbursts at the mo'. I bought some during my break from 8 to 6 class day and have basically been slowly consuming piece by the piece the whole damn thing. Even when I put one in my mouth (the red one) and think "Oh, oh, oh, that tastes weird." I keep going, with no regard to color, I just eat, eat, eat. It's really sad, and you know, I like other fruit chews besides Starburst much more, but that's the one they had in the vending machine. I usually like the ones that don't have flavours persay, but more "color" oriented pieces. Like green, purple, orange, yellow instead of apple, grape, orange (hehe), and banana. Makes it more of an adventure (not so much the orange, but the other yes), what will it taste like? What can I compare it to? Takes me back to Dave Chapelle and his Sunny-D/Purple stuff bit. Good times, good times.

Now I know, this is going to be completely superficial point I'm about to make, but let's face it, I'm at my superficial peak here, I just spent a paragraph on fruit chews, I got bangs over the weekend. No, it's not an STD and no, it's not slag for getting beat up, I got the thing, on the forehead, with the hair? Fringe, bangs, Moe head, whatever you want to call it, I got it, for the first time in my life, to cover my forehead. And it was nice. Just nice, because she didn't really cut it even and I had to go back to get her to cut some more off, and I was constantly messing with it, because, hey, it's this big hairball on my forehead poking me in the eye (pre-2nd cut) and then a brush of hair just above my eyeline (post-2nd cut). It took me a while to get used to it, and I'm still getting used to the amount of preparation that goes into it, I have yet to buy gel because I'm not sure how long I'm going to be able to put up with these bangs, I've been using vaseline to style. I mean, by 4PM, they're pinned up because I just can't stand the feeling, and I keep wanting to bang my hand against my forehead. I mean, maybe I need longer bangs that I can sweep to the side, maybe I don't need bangs at all, but I figured I may as well give it a try, since nows the time to experiment with hair. I'll probably never get to shave my head bald and let it grow out, so this is the next best "crazy" thing I can do.

And you know, some websites are just too pretty, (not the best link, but really, it's a blog of random thoughts people, be a little more open minded) and it just makes me sad upset/sad because I want my blog to be artsy and pretty, with creams and subtle colors that make you go "Ahhhh, this lady knows what she's talking about, she's not talking about colored fruit chews out of her ass, she means business." I mean, I use the blog template, I diddled with the image so I got one of myself in there, but that's the extent of my knowledge, all the code, it just takes too much time to sort through, I have no patience and definately no coding skills. So I guess I should really take a class in html or web design, either that or go shag someone that knows it already. Wait, wait - I take that back, a pretty website definitely isn't worth a shag, especially since W and I have firmly discussed waiting and I'm pretty sure sex for programming violates that agreement.

And speaking of pretty websites, I was looking at the blog of a high school friend/classmate, and she was talking about (totally gonna steal your topic here candidette, sorry!) high school love, and it really made me think back to the days love in high school, or lack there of really. I was the crush-o-maniac, any guy that was remotely cute, I had a crush on them. Oh that guy over there? Yeah (rubbing knuckles on collarbone), crushed on him too. One at the time of course, I'm no crush-slut. And now that I look back on the days of forlorned crushes, and that nearmiss, I actually look back happily with satisfaction. I mean it sucked ass that I never had anyone "like-like" me back, which by the way, totally freaks me out when I say that, it's like I'm transported back into middle school at Patana asking "Do you like him or do you like-like him????", butterflies in my stomach thinking about how ridiculous it sounds. Anyway, back to.......yes, life being shit because I never had a boyfriend. I mean, it was weird with all these people sucking face next to me, and I just kind of stood there, wriggling my fingers making sure I didn't stare at them and their travelling exhibition of tongue wrestling, and wondered if I would ever, ever have that myself. And now I do of course, and life is happy and wonderful, tra-la-la, but I look back and I'm so filled with satisfaction, because part of the guys I crushed on had horrible taste in women, and the other part were pot smoking drunkards and underaged patrons of the oldest profession in the world. Hmm, lovely. And the rest, well they turned out to be nice guys, what else can I say?

And of course, looking back on it all, I thought that the lack of high school experience would get to me, while everyone can laugh about their high school trysts, all I have to show for high school was a bad haircut and that I beat SouthPark Super Mario Bros. that Sura or Chaiwat downloaded onto the school computer. But really, and this is another step in my development towards normalcy, I need to let all that stuff go, because I cling onto this stuff like crazy on my cat, and it's starting to eat away at my life now, and my happiness now. And I am happy now, doing things I want to do, loving people I want to love, I don't know how long that's going to last so I really should live life for what it is now, instead of what it once was.

Goodnight all, may your dreams be happy and your days be sublime.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Oh Dear God...

I...just, it's so fat!!! Okay, besides the the fact that this cat is catatonic when not eating, he/she is pretty damn cute. You know little kitty doesn't move from underneath her cat comforter or off her cat pillow basically because she CAN'T. Moo would totally not stand for that shit. My goodness people.

Friday, February 02, 2007


Seriously, I'm obviously, obviously obsessed with taking pictures of my manaical cat. But these recent pictures honestly render me speechless, some even making me do that weird silent, but deadly and painful laugh that I do, and then I start thinking about how I have folders and folders of pictures of this damn cat, more on my phone and even more still on my camera. My sides hurt so bad just looking at this little freak. I can only hope she will do the same to you. This should be the last post of the week, but you never know. Clickity click for larger versions!

(Make up your own voice)
Uh...hey everyone, how is it going? Just...uh...just chillin' in my pad here. time?

Hmm, what's in here?

Hey! What's out here? Is that string?!


Gaaaah, string overload...
Note: These pictures were taken with my camera phone, so please excuse the horrible quality. YOU try running to the next room to get a camera when your cat goes momentarily insane.